Phone Calls Made From Jail Lands Man Back In Jail

A 41 year-old man has been charged with intimidating a witness in an upcoming trial.

Daniel Lecei of Willow Spring was arrested this month for violating a domestic violence protection order (DVPO) obtained by his estranged wife.  As part of the condition of the protection order, Lecei was prohibited from making any contact with his ex-wife.

While in the Johnston County Jail on the DVPO charge, Lecei is accused of contacting the victim multiple times using a telephone accessible to inmates.  When officials learned of the incident and prohibited Lecei from continuing to use the telephone, he allegedly solicited other inmates to call the victim then place him on the telephone line.

Daniel Lecei is also accused of soliciting a family member, Robert Julian Lecei, to contact his wife directly asking her to drop the DVPO charges.

Daniel Lecei was charged with violation of a domestic violence protection order and given a $2 million bond.  Robert Lecei was charged with felonious intimidating a witness and given a $10,000 bond.

Editor’s Note: This story has been updated. We previously incorrectly reported Robert Lecei was charged with violating the domestic violence protection order when in fact he was only charged with intimidating a witness. We apologize for the error.