Police: 66 Year-Old Man Broke Into Funeral Home And Stole Items

SMITHFIELD – Police have arrested a local resident in connection with three business break-ins discovered in the early morning hours of Friday, October 7th.

Shortly after midnight, police discovered an attempted break-in at Magic Tunnel Car Wash at 205 S. Brightleaf Boulevard. Minutes later, a second attempted break-in was reported at Zodiac Pawn Shop at 414 S. Brightleaf Boulevard.

Police then discovered entry had been made into Sanders Funeral Home at 302 S. Brightleaf Boulevard. Antique items and a comb were reported stolen. Damage to a door where entry was made was estimated at $500.

Jerome Pratt, 66, of the 600 block of N. 7th Street was located walking near the intersection of South Fourth and Johnston Streets. He was later charged with felony breaking and entering, felony larceny, and two counts of attempted breaking and entering.


  1. A car wash and funeral home? not sure how much of value would be in either of those. I suggest spending the next 6 months thinking about a better target

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