Police Department To Purchase 5 SUV’s

Earlier this year, the Smithfield Town Council approved a request by Police Chief Keith Powell to purchase seven new Dodge Charger patrol cars. Due to the lack of eight cylinder motors in Charger law enforcement vehicles the police department was forced to purchase vehicles with V-6 motors.  This month, Chief Powell told council members the order has be cancelled and no Chargers patrol vehicles will be available for purchase this year.

The Town Council approved a new request to purchase five Dodge Durango SUV’s equipped with a police package.  The total cost including decals, lights, and radios will be $160,000 or $32,000 each.  The new SUV’s will be assigned to Patrol Supervisors and the Administrative Captain.

The department had planned to spend $171,660 to buy the seven V-6 Dodge Chargers for $171,660 including upfitting costs, until the order was cancelled.

Chief Powell said he hopes the agency can purchase additional Dodge Chargers in 2021.