Police Detain Two Juveniles Following Attempted Car Break-Ins At Walmart

Two juvenile suspects had been questioned by police following at least six attempted car break-ins in the parking lot of Walmart at 1299 N. Brightleaf Boulevard.

The incidents were reported around 5:30am Monday, Aug. 3rd. According to Smithfield Police, the juvenile suspects pulled on the door handles of at least five vehicles in an apparent attempt to get inside the cars.  During a sixth attempt, the juveniles pulled on the door handles of an occupied vehicle. They saw the individual and fled on foot.  The person sitting inside the car called police.

Officers arrived and found the two suspects, ages 15 and 16, nearby.  They were questioned and later released into the custody of their parents.  Police have not determined if any charges will be filed in juvenile court. No items were taken from the six vehicles.