Police: Drunk Driver Was Traveling Wrong Way, Nearly Caused Head On Collision

SELMA – Selma Police arrested a drunk driving suspect who was reportedly traveling in the wrong direction on Highway 70. At 1:14am Sunday, May 9th, officers were dispatched to a report of a white Toyota pickup traveling westbound in the eastbound lanes of the four lane divided highway.

Police located the vehicle and witnessed several cars swerve to avoid a head on collision. Officers activated their blue lights and sirens. Just past Wilson’s Mills Road, the truck stopped in the eastbound lane, turned around and began traveling east. The truck then made an abrupt turn onto Wilson’s Mills Road and accelerated quickly.

Police said the driver’s speed varied between 20 and 70mph. Eventually, the truck stopped on Wilson’s Mills Road near Lee-Youngblood Road.

The driver, Jose Angel Morales Palacios, 30, of Railroad Street, Knightdale was arrested and charged with driving while impaired, driving on a revoked license and driving the wrong way on a dual lane highway. He registered 0.14 on the Breathalyzer, above the legal limit of 0.08.

At the time of the incident, Palicious was awaiting trial on a June 2020 DWI charge in Wake County. He was held on a $50,000 bond at the Johnston County Jail.


  1. All I am saying is that this is acceptable way of life when your living south of the Texas Boarder and more are coming for their government freebies along with that fine Johnston County School Board Education that is funded by your property taxes.

    • As a Mexican American, I can confirm that this is not an acceptable way of life in Mexico. You would be arrested same as here. Some of the people who you see immigrate do committed crimes but these people come over to escape poverty and are usually still in it. Americans in poverty are known to commit crimes at a higher rate too. People in Mexico that are not in poverty aren’t running around drunk all the time driving on the wrong side of the road. If you’re going to spew racist garbage on the internet at least do a little research so you don’t look like the typical uneducated American that the rest of the world makes fun of.

      • Wow, I can tell when I hit a nerve. I don’t think I mentioned Mexican at any time El Grifo so why do you get so defensive when there is what 14 Countries South of the Texas Border? Why do you feel what I posted was just targeting Mexican?

        • You didn’t hit a nerve, I was just trying to make you aware of contributing factors to crime that aren’t related to nationality. You failed to respond to crime as a result of poverty and are simply responding with a “Boohoo someone got their feelings hurt.” I know that more than one country lies south of the Texas Border, but only one country actually touches the South Texas Border. This happens to be the only country I can speak for, which is why I mentioned my nationality before doing so. You may not have been just targeting Mexico, but it was one of your targets. If you’re just going to respond with more logical fallacies instead of sound arguments, then please go be racist somewhere else.

      • Don’t bother with terrybarns. They’re not a nice individual, and they won’t listen to you. They just think the left is the devil and people that come from the southern border are the worst.

        • Let me decipher this you folks, Terry Barnes is so intellectually advance that you have no chance at arguing a sensible response to him. The only chance you have is to throw a Democrat talking point that has no value to it anymore, your racist. Come on jocosnoozer your better than this? I know you can put more than that on me can’t you?

          • Terry Barnes, if you’re so intellectually advanced, why do you write at a 4th grade level? Please learn the difference between “your” and “you’re” and work on proper sentence structure if you want to be seen as an intellectual. Also, being an internet troll doesn’t make you smart and thinking you won arguments because you simply goad your opponents personally instead of disputing their arguments is crazed. You’re no better than the name calling Democrats that you despise.

  2. The man was wrong for driving under the influence. It’s not rite of you to assume that he is from Mexico, where laws are very different. Educate yourself he could have been born in the USA. That would make him a Mexican American a us citizen. So what if immigrants coming here from Mexico. Stop your racism.

    • I did not read any racism.
      Just facts.This is at least the third incident of this situation on our local hwys. in the past few weeks.
      Follow the arrest page and you’ll see the facts.
      I don’t care if just crossing or Mexican American.

    • What Terry Barnes said is fact! Even if they are Mexican Americans they still have family members from Mexico and this is the way they live South Of The Border. The thing is this is the USA and our laws here rule but then you cant tell the Judges that, You know the ones that let them out on $5.00 bond that anyone else would get $100,000 bond!
      Thanks JOE!

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