Police Locate Person Who Triggered School Lockdown  

CLAYTON – A Clayton elementary school was briefly placed on modified lockdown following an incident.  Students were on the playground at Riverwood Elementary School on Wednesday when a suspicious female entered the playground area and handed her purse to a student. 

The student initially stated the woman said she would be back later for her purse.  The student later changed the statement to the female saying, “I will be back for you.” 

The school was placed on modified lockdown, meaning everyone was brought back inside the main building from mobile classrooms and the playground. Clayton Police were also notified.

A few minutes later, while still searching for the woman, police received a call at the Food Lion on Pritchard Road for a suspicious acting female.  It was confirmed this was the same female involved in the earlier incident at Riverwood Elementary. 

Officers spoke with the female and later obtained an involuntary commitment order for her to undergo a mental health evaluation.  No students were injured. No charges were filed.


  1. All is ok…she probably just wanted to exercise and was interested in astroturf🙄🙄🙄. Town of Clayton and the JCPS are opening up the school grounds to all citizens for a park.

  2. The playground is wide open and unfenced. Anyone can walk in at any time. This is not the first time this year that a random citizen has entered the playground while children were on it.

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