Police: No Charges In Turtle Abuse Case

No charges will be filed following an animal cruelty investigation involving a turtle. On June 10th around 5:30pm, Clayton Police were dispatched to a playground on Chamberlin Drive.

Officers said a citizen observed a child, later determined to be 14 years-old, repeatedly slamming a turtle on the pavement. The citizen confronted the juvenile, but he would not stop abusing the turtle, and they called police.

Police said they located the juvenile but he was uncooperative and initially denied being involved. Later, the juvenile allegedly admitted his involvement. The juvenile was released to his mother.

Following an investigation, police said no charges would be filed against the 14 year-old.

Police said the turtle was transported by the concerned citizen to a veterinarian for treatment. The condition of the turtle is not known.


  1. Jail the parents! If you can’t control your 14year old child or instill correct moral values, you deserve to be on jail! #ActionsHaveConsequences

  2. So sad that a 14 year old child would be so cruel. Hope he doesn’t do that to other animals or even a baby or child. His Mother may have scolded him for being caught. He should be educated as to the definition of “animal cruelty”.

  3. Honestly there should of been charges at 14 you should know better. So they get a slap on the hand to do it again. They should also be responsible for the vet bills.

  4. Terrible. It’s a shame this person’s age protects them. While I love JOCO, nepotism can be strong here.

    It sure would be nice if there were some reassurance that isn’t what is happening here.

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