Police Officer Arrested For Domestic Assault

SMITHFIELD – An off-duty police lieutenant was arrested early-Sunday after deputies with the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office responded to her home for a domestic disturbance.

Holley Michelle Pendergraph, age 35, of S. Farm Horse Trail, Smithfield is a patrol lieutenant with the Dunn Police Department. Pendergraph was charged with misdemeanor domestic assault following an alleged incident with her wife.

At 3:43am Sunday, deputies responded to an unknown type call from the address. Officers arrived and reportedly located the 36 year-old female victim who had obvious injuries including bruising, a laceration near the nose, and bleeding. EMS responded and treated the victim.

Deputies said they determined Pendergraph and her wife had been in the Coats, NC area drinking and upon returning home got into a verbal argument. The argument then turned physical.

After being detained at the scene, Pendergraph allegedly communicating a threat against a juvenile who was present. Pendergraph then reportedly began cursing at the arresting deputy claiming he was not doing his job.

In a statement, Dunn Police Chief C.A. White said the department was notified Sunday of the arrest which occurred at Pendergraph’s home in Johnston County.

“The case is currently being investigated by the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office and a review is being conducted by the Professional Standards Division of the Police Department. We are unable to comment further on this arrest as it involves a personnel matter.”

Pendergraph was held without bail Sunday morning in the Johnston County Jail pending a court appearance Monday. Following her court appearance today, she was released on an unsecured bond.


  1. Well, well, well. I still find the womens transgender college swim team member that broke all the record’s a much more interesting and normal news article.

    • What exactly does being human have to do with getting drunk and beating up your wife..threatening a child and then cursing out the police at 3 or 4 in the morning?

  2. If it would have happened in Harnett County it would be hush hush, or if he/she/it worked somewhere in Johnston County we wouldn’t know anything about it!! But since it crossed County lines both counties are trying to make the other County look bad!!!

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