Police: Teens Caught Inside Old Town Hall

SMITHFIELD – Several teens were charged with breaking into the former Smithfield Town Hall building at 313 E. Johnston Street. At 4:22am Saturday, August 7th, police located suspicious activity at the dilapidated building and reportedly found the suspects inside.

Four teens were issued citations for misdemeanor breaking and entering. Tyler Ray Johnson, 19; Darrell Randolph Steven Heath, 18; Preston Ray Collie, 18; and Jonathan Alexander Denton, 19, all of Selma were cited and released at the scene pending a September 13th court appearance. Three additional suspects, under the age of 16, were cited on juvenile petitions.

The abandoned building is owned by Fourth Street Associates of Smithfield.


  1. Smithfield has so many abandoned and dilapidated buildings all over their town. Yet the are expanding west outside their city limits. Seems they should clean up their own house before subjecting us county citizens to their bad management.

  2. Yes they were definitely not supposed to be there but I’d like to just ask could this building be used in a ways to give our teens a hand up in ways to better their lives? To teach them interest in work trades.,Career trades to help prosper this county.One thing is for sure these high schools are not doing it! They learn how to wear a mask and bounce a ball and act like fools! A vicious never ending cycle.

  3. I thought this building was purchased in 2020 to be turned into an apartment complex and office space? The asking price was reportedly 450,000 dollars.
    Seems like a steep price for a condemned building …

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