Police Solve Rash Of Crimes After Unlucky Thief Has Flat Tire, Is Hit By 18-Wheeler

Clayton Police were able to solve a rash of crimes, not even reported, thanks to some really bad luck by the accused thief.

Around 5:18am Tuesday, patrol officers responded to a motor vehicle crash on Highway 70 at Hardee Lane. Police said Jahlil Jayquan Merritt, 19, of Wake Forest told them he had pulled over to change his tire and a 18-wheeler hit his vehicle.

Through further investigation, officers searched Merritt’s vehicle and allegedly located property not belonging to him. Officers and investigators followed up with the owners of the found property and discovered that their motor vehicles were broken into overnight. A further canvass of the Astor and Tulip Street areas where the break-ins occurred identified even more victims.

At last report, Clayton Police had identified 16 cars that were broken into.

Merritt is charged with breaking and entering motor vehicles. Additional charges have not been ruled out.


  1. Hey Merritt, I think God is trying to tell you something. Better listen as you even being alive after the 18 wheeler hit your car is what I call another chance at life.

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