Police Use NARCAN To Revive Driver Involved In Two Vehicle Accident

Photo by John Payne

SELMA – Selma Police and the State Highway Patrol responded to a two vehicle accident Sunday around 6:30pm on the US 70 Flyover at Interstate 95.

The driver of a Toyota was reported to be unconscious at the wheel of his westbound car when he first struck the inside guardrail at least twice before crashing into another westbound vehicle and the outside guardrail.

Photo by John Payne

Two occupants of a silver Subaru which was struck, were uninjured.  The driver reported that he had seen the fast moving Toyota approaching and “I did all I could to get out of his way.”

The Toyota driver was resuscitated using NARCAN, by Selma Police officers, then transported to a local hospital.

Drug and traffic charges were pending the outcome of the investigation.  

Photo by John Payne

Both cars were heavily damaged.

Selma Fire and Johnston County EMS also responded.


  1. I question the wisdom of reviving a junky who almost killed innocent people behind the wheel. Chances are this won’t be the last time he/she does it. Maybe next time some innocent person will be killed.

    • What?! Dan, I will be praying for you that the Holy Spirit will come upon you and cause you to have a change of heart. The seaon of Lent is a perfect oppurtunity for you to repent from such foolish thinking. Peace

      • My “foolish” thinking is concerned with the innocent victims of junkies who don’t care about their own lives. Perhaps you need to reassess your own thinking and priorities.

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