Police: Woman Claims Drugs Found In Purse, Bra Not Hers

A Johnston County woman arrested at a license checkpoint on numerous charges, including having drugs in her purse and bra, claims she has no idea how the narcotics ended up in those places.

Around 12:30am Wednesday, Selma Police were conducting a checkpoint on Ricks Road when a Chevy pickup truck approached. The driver, identified as Jessica Brandy Hinnant, 38, of Barbour’s Chapel Road, Four Oaks, could not provide a license and was asked to pull over.

Police said they ran Hinnant’s information through their computer system and learned her license had been suspended for to a prior DWI.  Police said Hinnant admitted to drinking earlier that evening. Two partially-consumed bottles of vodka were located in the truck.

Officers searched a purse and book bag in the vehicle. A clear bag of suspected methamphetamine was allegedly located.  Hinnant claimed all the items in the purse belonged to her except the meth.

While being processed into the Johnston County Jail, the arresting officer said he asked Hinnant if she had any other drugs or contraband in her possession. She denied having anything illegal.

A female detention officer said while booking Hinnant into jail she located a small bag of suspected meth in her bra.  When asked how the meth ended up in her bra, Hinnant reportedly told the police officer, “Sir I don’t know how it got there. I honestly don’t know.”  The officer said he asked Hinnant how that was possible and she allegedly replied, “Sir I don’t know. I just know I didn’t put it there.”

Hinnant was charged with possession of methamphetamines and possession of a controlled substance in jail.  She was given a $30,000 bond. She was also cited for driving on a revoked license, expired registration, and having an open container of alcohol.

The two bags of meth, each weighing approximately 0.3 grams each, were seized as evidence.