President Trump’s Senior Advisor Endorses Jill Homan For State Senate

ARCHER LODGE – President Donald Trump’s former Ambassador to Germany and Acting Director of National Intelligence, Ric Grenell, endorsed Jill Homan for Johnston County’s state Senate seat.

Ambassador Grenell stated, “One thing that I learned in serving in Donald Trump’s cabinet is that we need patriotic, America First candidates everywhere across the country. And, I am proud to stand with Jill Homan, my friend who is running for state Senate. She will serve the people of Johnston County, just as she has served Donald Trump. She is an America First patriot, and I hope that you will support Jill Homan for state Senate.”

In response to Amb. Grenell’s endorsement Homan stated, “I am humbled by Ambassador Grenell’s unwavering support for my campaign to represent Johnston County in the state Senate. As the America First candidate, I will put all people – from parents and farmers to first responders and teachers – of Johnston County first. When elected, I will bring my experience as a businesswoman and mom to both fight for Johnstonians and work to get things done in Raleigh.”

The endorsement is regarding the May 17th Republican primary for the 10th Senatorial District in Johnston County.


  1. Jill Homan runs a LGBTQ candidate in DC, but as a conservative Christian mother in Johnston County? Y’all look her up, and search “Log Cabin Republicans”. She’s got a very interesting article she wrote, along with Robert Kabel for the Washinton Post 3 years ago. Y’all read it and decide for yourselves.

    • Brett thanks for the true information. Definitely a log cabin republican. They even have her listed in a leadership role. She so far has not mentioned that in her bid for the Johnston County State Senate seat. That’s not being upfront with voters. No vote here.

  2. Homan is not only a member but is on the board of the Log Canin Republicans in DC! The majority of her campaign funding comes from LGBTQ groups. All of her associations and core values should be made public for the voters of Johnston County!

  3. This is the perfect example of how both our commissioners and school boards have been saturated with so-called conservative representation. Place a R beside their names and when the world is at a normal stage of being no one even questions if they are genuine? Then the lack of leadership finally shows up in our everyday life and the party is over, they have the political crosshairs taking dead aim. Just look at what it has taken for this to finally happen?

  4. What does it matter if she backs LGBTQ. ? She is a good candidate . Y’all got so many problems with people that are not perfect like you all !! She is what the Republican Party use to be. We need more like her

    • Come together my point is a candidate for any public office should make their affiliations known to the voters. Especially when they hold a leadership role in an organization. It doesn’t matter what the organization is. Everything should be above board and then let the voters decide.

  5. No vote from me! I’m supporting Ken Harper. He’s a true conservative with strong Christian values. Look him up along with other great conservative candidates on

  6. Jill Homan is a strong conservative who has a solid record of supporting conservative candidates and the GOP.
    She is the conservative that will fight for us in Raleigh.

  7. I’ve met Jill Homan. She is a Christian AND Conservative. She has worked side by side with voters on important issues in JoCo long before filing as candidate. She is a good person and would work hard for all of the people she’d represent in JoCo. THAT is what voters WANT and NEED.

  8. I’ve gotten to know Jill Homan over the last 1.5 yrs. She is a Christian and a Conservative. She has been involved with and volunteered for numerous Republican groups. She has been involved with many organizations long before she decided to run. Seeing her hard work and true dedication to the people of Johnston County is 1 of several reasons I, as well as many others, will be casting our votes for her. I believe she will truly represent and fight for the constituents of Johnston County.

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