Protest Against Critical Race Theory Planned For July School Board Meeting

Citizen Advocates for Accountable Government (CAAG) will be holding a citizen gathering and protest Tuesday, July 13th at the Johnston County Public Schools board meeting in Smithfield. The protest is coincides with the regularly scheduled monthly meeting of the Board of Education.

In June, Johnston County Commissioners voted to require a policy against CRT for the school system to receive funding above 2020 levels. CAAG members plans to show up and encourage the School Board to take up a strong policy against trainings and teachings rooted in CRT.

“Citizens Advocacy for Accountable Government is increasingly concerned by the many staff trainings in JCPS comprising CRT tenants, including equity modules that stated Johnston County residents are complicit white supremacists. We are additionally shocked by JCPS Director of Equity Crystal Robert’s public statement that we must be an anti-racist school system, referring to the dogma of author and critical race theory purveyor Ibram X. Kendi,” said Dale Lands, co-founders of Citizen Advocates for Accountable Government.

“Between privilege walks, inappropriate library books, direct trainings, and explicit examples of CRT in school rooms, we cannot deny the shifting of the culture in our community schools away from success to same outcomes, which have driven us from the top third in the state to the bottom third in a few short years,” Lands stated.

Mr. Lands said every concerned parent, grandparent, guardian, family member and resident in Johnston County is invited to petition their School Board representatives. CAAG is encouraging people to attend, speak at the meeting, and stand with signs outside in solidarity against CRT’s anti-American, divisive professional development trainings and curriculums.

The CAAG group plans to meet at Carolina Premium Outlets behind Outback Steakhouse at 3:00pm July 13th and drive to the Simpson building at 4:00pm. Water will be provided. The sign-up for speaking begins at 4:00pm. The open meeting starts at 5:00pm, and public comments are at 6:00pm.

For more information you can follow Citizen Advocates for Accountable Government on Facebook for updates or reach out personally to Dale Lands, CAAG co-founder at 984-297-3304 or by email


  1. So what do think they will accomplish in their three minutes of speaking time that the board says they can and if they say something the board doesn’t like, they’ll get shutdown? You can’t make a difference abiding by their rules. They won’t change. You saw that in the last board meeting when the lady waiting for Sutton to respond and he didn’t.

    If you want real change, you need to make them uncomfortable. I’m not talking about violence. But don’t play by their rules.

  2. Hopefully y’all get a great turn out! Good to see y’all gettin out and looking after the youngans. Give em hell

  3. They don’t even teach CRT is schools. Making an issue when there isn’t one. Just more political nonsense.

    • We want to keep it that way by being proactive in our community and involved in our schools. Sadly, you don’t think this is an issue.

    • Incorrect. CRT and it’s ilk are rampantly taught in our school system. You’d need to be either blind to or completely ignore the evidence that abounds to believe otherwise.

  4. Glad to see people taking a stand against CRT and the culture that condones it. The Johnston County School Board must change their ways and listen to the people as well as the Johnston County Commissioners. Keep it lawful.

  5. Bravo. Show up en masse and let the board see that their seats belong to voters, not their personal convictions. NO CRT, racism and division should be left in the past.

  6. This is more invisible boogie man bullsh*t perfected by the former President to divide people further and now carried on by his gullible, Qanon believing, Obama is a Muslim, inject bleach, stop the steal , Jan. 6th Insurrectionist Republican party. Knock yourselves out, as was pointed out, CRT is not taught in NC Schools. Go do something useful and helpful to society as a whole and get vaccinated !!

  7. If it’s not being taught then you have nothing to worry about🤷‍♂️. Though, all I see are Americans who despise racism freely exercising their God given rights.

    It appears you hate the freedoms afforded every American. It also appears that you and the CCP have a lot in common.🤭

    🎶”Kirby and Xi sitting in a tree. H.A.T.I.N.G. Yeah they hate our freedoms. You bet they hate free speech. Now they hate our right to a peaceful assembly.”🎶

    “Haters gonna hate.” That’s what Tay Tay said. SMH.

  8. And the tooth fairy DOES exist, if you believe all the Left’s lies you just listed. Why does JC Schools have a “Director of Equity and Inclusion” if they are not teaching CRT??? Look back at all the articles from JOCO school employees/teachers and actually read what they say, and you will see all the evidence you need to realize that CRT IS being taught and implemented in our schools. They may start using a different name, but, be assured, it IS happening.

    • Wait, do you think Equity and Inclusion = CRT? It sounds like you need to be “VeryConcerned” about your education and understanding of the topic. .

      • It sounds like the JoCoOg is just another big city lib transplant.

        Look, you fled from wherever you came. Don’t bring your defective and divisive politics with you. The Virginia border is just a short ride north of here. You can take that nonsense there.

        • Abernathy, I can clearly see that differing opinions get you worked up. I am JoCo raised and my family has been here for generations. Please take your pathetic attempt to “know me” or my politics elsewhere. Virginia is of no interest to me. I will kindly invite you to sit at the kids table until the adults are done talking here.

          • Thank you but, I don’t break bread with people who support teaching racist curricula in our nation’s public schools. It’s called integrity.

            Get on the right side of history then send that invite again, champ.

  9. And the circus continues to roll through JoCo! As if the JoCo schools didn’t have enough *REAL* problems to tackle (too many poor-performing schools, an out-of-control budget, lack of school choice, questionable leaders on BOE, etc), now we’re inventing things to complain about! Why not protest the $MILLIONS that the JoCo commissioners gave to JCC — a place where CRT actually is taught and discussed?!

  10. It is easier to stick your head in the sand than to stand up against hate. CRT is nothing more than government using tax payers money to teach racism in public schools. People better wake up before there is no turning back.

  11. Do any of you clutching your pearls about CRT even know what it is or where it’s taught? If you think your JoCo kid is learning it in public primary or secondary school you need to shut off your social media.

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