Random Attack: School Student Assaulted And Robbed While Walking

FOUR OAKS – Police say the assault and robbery of a school student appears to be a random. On Monday, December 6th, the juvenile was walking in the 600 block of Camellia Drive when two men assaulted, struck and robbed the teenage victim.

The juvenile reported his backpack containing his school supplies, laptop and a cell phone were stolen. The juvenile and his father reported to the incident minutes later at the Four Oaks Police Department.

Based on the description of the two suspects and the vehicle they were operating, officers located a car matching the description in the parking lot of Roy Dunn’s convenience store. Police Detective W.T. Throckmorton said after making contact with the two occupants in the car they fled on foot.

With the assistance of the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office, police and deputies captured one suspect on Austin Street. A K-9 tracked the second suspect several miles to Ronnie Parker’s Country Store on US 701 where he was apprehended.

Detective Throckmorton said all the stolen property, with the exception of the cell phone, was recovered.

Christpher Kittrell, age 21, an absconder from probation, and Bryant Jones, age 24, both of Four Oaks, were charged with common law robbery and conspiracy to commit common law robbery. They were held on $100,000 bonds each.

Bryant allegedly admitted during questioning they saw the student walking alone and decided to rob him. The juvenile was evaluated for minor injuries, after being punched several times with a closed fist, but was not transported to the hospital.
Police said the juvenile was under age 16. They did not disclose which school he attended.

Additional charges against the two suspects has not been ruled out.


  1. Again, get back to the old days where there is REAL consequences (chop both their hands off) for this type of unlawful act, and you’ll start seeing crime go down !!

      • You only think its sad because you’re part of the problem that thinks there aught not to be consequences. Don’t NEVER FORGET, someone will think twice about it when you get back to the consequences being severe !!!

  2. The poor boy will be traumatized for life by this senseless act of violence. No doubt these two wastes of skin were just driving around looking for someone to rob, instead of getting a job like a decent human!

  3. Way to make that boy scared to walk by himself. It’s sad that people would see a teenager and just decide they were going to rob them. What a world…

  4. Waiting for @terrybarns to chime in and blame the JoCo school board, airport authority, county officials, and lord knows who else bouncing around in that misinformed head of his…

  5. I can’t believe this is the same Johnston County that I grew up in. So much has changed and not in a good way. The part I hate the most is all the care and compassion people had for each other is almost gone.

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