Rape Suspect Held On $1 Million Bond

A 49 year-old man was charged this week with statutory rape of a child.  Jose Luis Soriano of Four Oaks was arrested July 6th by Four Oaks Police on the single felony charge.   

Police said they had been investigating Soriano after a complaint was filed July 2nd.   Police said they determined the alleged sexual offenses had been ongoing since April 2021.

Selma Police are also investigating Soriano for alleged crimes in their jurisdiction involving the same juvenile female victim.

Soriano is being held under a $1 million bond at the Johnston County Jail. 



  1. “Jose Luis Soriano of Four Oaks”

    How about truth in reporting? We all know he is from Mexico, why not just say it. He needs to rot in a Mexican prison, US prisons are too cushy for him. He needs to suffer.

    • To be fair we don’t know if he is Mexican he can be from central America! Either way if guilty you are right American prison you get free cable, free lights, food, water and all…. while the elderly have to pay an Arm and a leg just to have. A roof over their heads. Mexican prisons you lucky if you get a bread and a cup of water a day. … this is why America has the highest repeat offender rate

  2. Honestly, who give a rats a** what ethnicity he is! I don’t care if he was pink with green tigers strips and was from Mars. Anyone and I mean anyone who does horrible things to a child needs to be…I can’t say here, but use your imagination. Also, let me remind you of the White Preacher who commented heinous acts on children in his crunch last year! All other arguments are irrelevant.

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