Register Of Deeds Office Keeping Pace With County’s Rapid Growth

According to recent US Census and news reports, Johnston County was the fastest growing county in North Carolina from 2010-2020. Johnston grew nearly three times the average state growth rate. Johnston County Register of Deeds Craig Olive said, “My office is ready to take on more filings and recordings as the county continues to grow.”

Olive saw the need for updated technology when he first took office in 2002 and made sure to continue making technological advances to accommodate our ever changing world. Because of this his office was prepared to take on the additional filings and recordings that coincided with the county’s growth throughout the years. 84% of the filings in the office are received electronically as eRecordings.

Johnston County was one of the first counties in North Carolina to implement the electronic recording of records for an easier and quicker way to file documents in the office. Johnston County Register of Deeds was the first county in the Nation to accept electronic recordings of plat/survey maps.

For the fiscal year 2010-2011, the office took in a total revenue of $1,642,184. That is a dramatic difference compared to the current fiscal year ending 6/30/2021, where a total revenue of $7,422,592 was taken in.

That is an increase of 352% in the ten (10) year period. Here are some figures for the most recent years:

Fiscal Year                       Total
2010-2011                    $ 1,642,184
2011-2012                       1,686,913
2012-2013                       2,008,183
2013-2014                       2,325,889
2014-2015                       2,803,931
2015-2016                       3,150,351
2016-2017                       3,979,662
2017-2018                       4,234,375
2018-2019                       5,046,103
2019-2020                       5,492,211
2020-2021                       7,422,592        352% increase since 2010/2011

During the 2020-21 fiscal year, issuance of marriage licenses increased by 35.06% from the previous year.  Olive states that some register of deeds offices were not open to the public or were limiting issuance of licenses and other vital records. Johnston County picked up extra revenue by continuous providing this service to the public, while also having safeguards in place to help protect the public and the employees of the

Due to COVID-19, the office faced many challenges, but still remained open to the public and provided needed services to our citizenry. Olive credits his hard working staff who worked on the front line during the pandemic to conduct the county’s business.

“As you can see by the figures, there is a correlation between the county’s growth and the increase in my office’s revenue. My staff and I will continue to be ready to serve our citizens and will welcome the new citizens to our great county,” Mr. Olive said.


  1. Looks like a wealth of information right here for $180-k-Carroll and our in-house engineers at the central office to take care of his school bond special task, don’t it?

  2. If $180-K-Carroll really loved this County, he would appoint someone with the work ethic and character of Craig Olive to bring the needs of our school bond to the commissioners.

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