Registered Sex Offender Arrested At Public Park

SMITHFIELD – A man on the North Carolina Sex Offender Registry was arrested at a public park in Smithfield. James Everette Parker, 53, of Starline Road, Selma was reportedly found by probation officers sitting on a picnic table at Smithfield Community Park in an area of the park intended for smaller children.

As a condition of his release, Parker was prohibited from being in a public park and also required to wear an ankle monitor. Authorities said the monitor alerted his probation officer after he entered Smithfield Community Park.

The incident happened on November 19th.

Parker was charged with probation violation and for being a sex offender on the premises or place of a minor. The Johnston County Sheriff’s Office said there was no evidence Parker had contact with any children at the park prior to his apprehension.

According to the Offender Registry, Parker was convicted in 2009 for three counts of felonious indecent exposure. In 2013, he was once again convicted of indecent exposure and sentenced to 14 months in prison.

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