Rent-A-Center Employee Charged With Felony After Repossessing TV

BENSON โ€“ A Rent-A-Center employee is facing criminal charges after authorities said a repossession went too far.

Brenton Jaekwon Mosley, 28, of Webb Mill Road, Four Oaks was charged May 29 with felony breaking and entering and felony larceny.

According to the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office, Mosley was an employee at Rent-A-Center in Clayton. On May 11, he went to an apartment on Jarvis Lane to reportedly repossess a TV after the customer fell behind on their payments.

The 32 year-old victim said no one was at home when Mosley arrived. He is accused of forcibly entering the apartment and removing the TV set.

The victim also reported a $1,500 laptop was missing from their apartment.

Investigators said they found suspected damage to the front door where entry had been made. Ring doorbell camera video was seized as evidence.

Mosley was given a $30,000 bond on the two criminal charges.

We reached out to Rent-A-Center for comment. So far we have not heard back from the company.


    • I know right. Sounds like just the kind of employee that business needs. He should get employee of the month.

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