Rep. David Price Will Not Seek Reelection

By Dallas Woodhouse
Carolina Journal

U.S. Congressman David Price, D-4th District, will not seek reelection. Sources are telling Carolina Journal that Price, 81, is currently making calls telling Democratic leaders that this will be his last congressional term and he’s expected to make an official announcement soon.

Price has represented parts of Durham, Orange, and Wake County for three decades.

He won his first congressional race in 1986 when he defeated Republican Bill Cobey. In 1994, Price lost his only race during the infamous Republican Revolution to Fred Heineman, a former Raleigh police chief.

Price won the seat back two years later in a rematch with Heineman. Price received a little more than 67% of the vote in his last race.

U.S. Sen. Thom Tillis, R-N.C., released the following statement on Price’s retirement:

“David Price is a good man and public servant, representing his constituents with dedication for more than 30 years. It has been a pleasure to serve alongside Congressman Price and work closely with him on a bipartisan basis on issues ranging from disaster recovery funding to economic development and infrastructure improvements. I wish Congressman Price and his family all the best on his retirement.”


  1. The damage that David Price has done to this nation will last for generation’s. If it is another Socialist-Communist Democrat that replaces him it will only be worst. He is cut from the same cloth as Todd Sutton and Mike Wooten who are trying their best to parade as anti-maskers and anti-CRT and fool you voters into thinking they are not the Socialist Democrats they are before the next election. They are just extreme as $180-K-Carroll and the School Union Representative Terri Sessions so don’t be fooled Parents and Tax Payers so much damage has already been done to out great nation and county already.

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