Report: Driver Avoids Checkpoint, Flees From Police

A Smithfield man was arrested after he allegedly avoided a license checkpoint then fled from police. Felix Alejarder Ponce, 32, of E. Rose Street, is facing charges stemming from the incident.

On May 19th at 12:49pm, Smithfield Police were conducting a checkpoint on Front Street near Johnston Street. Officers said a Ford Taurus began to approach the officers but just prior to the checkpoint, the driver reportedly put the car in reverse, turned around, and sped away. Police began to pursue the vehicle but a supervisor called off the chase.

Officers were able to identify the driver and a short time later located the abandoned Ford, which was seized.

With the assistance of Johnston County deputies, Ponce was arrested about three hours later at a home on Viajar Way off Cleveland Road on a felony warrant for fleeing to elude arrest. Ponce was given a $10,000 bond.

No injuries were reported during the pursuit.


  1. What law is being broken when one turns around to avoid going in a given direction? These checkpoints seem to walk the line of constitutionality.

    • Well said. How was he “fleeing to allude arrest” if he was doing nothing wrong. He wasn’t charged with DWI, speeding, drug trafficking, etc. Sounds like he simply turned around. This case should (and probably will) be thrown out.

    • The SCOTUS has repeatedly ruled that checkpoints are constitutional. And in 2013, the North Carolina Supreme Court ruled that even if a driver makes legal turn before arriving at a checkpoint, the police may stop them. #notAsFreeAsYouThink

  2. well swim had a similar experience, only he did flee to elude. Lasted about a mile and a half on I-95. After his vehicled was spike stripped and pitted he was charged with the same felony fleeing to elude and littering.

    My point is his bond was set at $100,000.00.

    No DUI, he had license, no drugs, no warrants, no resisting, no contact with other drivers, no speeding, no reckless endangerment.

    Johnston County needs an oversight committee or something similar. This type of misuse of power and other things are and have been unchecked far too long.

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