Report: Shoplifter Who Stole $34 In Items Charged With Felony

A suspect allegedly caught shoplifting items from the Wal-mart on Highway 42 in Cleveland ended up in the Johnston County Jail.

Around 4:00pm Sunday, deputies were dispatched to the Wal-mart after employees allegedly caught 51 year-old Shelia Earp Boykin of Guy Road, Clayton attempting to shoplift $34 in merchandise.

While searching her belongings for any additional stolen items, deputies allegedly found a bag in Boykin’s purse containing 4 grams of suspected methamphetamines.  Boykin was subsequently charged with felony possession of methamphetamines, misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia, and misdemeanor shoplifting / concealment of goods.

Boykin was incarcerated under a $10,000 bond.