Report: Squatters Lived Undetected Nearly 2 Weeks In Smithfield Home

Johnston County authorities report a couple moved into a vacant Smithfield area home and lived there for almost two weeks before someone noticed.  The couple moved into an abandoned house with their dog, clothes, food, water, and a mattress.

It happened at a home on Highway 210 about 9 miles west of Smithfield.  On September 6th, the homeowner’s son went to check on the house and discovered a person in a Toyota Camry parked in the yard. The individual claimed he had been sleeping in his car and quickly drove away, however the man was able to write down the license plate number before he left.

After inspecting the home, the man discovered a dog and personal belongings that had not been there during the last check on the residence around August 15th.

Deputies responded to the scene and also found suspected marijuana, prescription pills, and paperwork with the names of two people later identified as the suspects. Animal control responded and took custody of the dog.

On September 10th, David Edward Perfetti, 29, of Selma was charged with felony breaking and entering and three misdemeanor offenses of injury to property, possession of marijuana and possession of marijuana paraphernalia. During questioning, Perfetti allegedly admitted to squatting at the home nearly two weeks.

Britney Renee Rigsbee, 29, was arrested in Durham County and charged with the break-in.

The HVAC system to the home sustained about $3,000 in damage during the same time the couple was living there.