Report: Woman Assaulted By Stranger, Cell Phone Stolen, In McDonald’s Parking Lot

CLEVELAND – Criminal charges have been filed against a suspect who allegedly assaulted a woman while she sat inside her car in the parking lot of McDonald’s on Glen Road at the I-40 / NC42 interchange in the Cleveland community.

Alyssa Dare Mulchi, age 24, of Carrboro was charged with felony breaking and entering a motor vehicle and misdemeanor assault. On February 5th around 8:00am, the 68 year-old victim was sitting in her car when Mulchi allegedly approached, jerked open the car door, pulled the victim’s hair, then stole an Apple iPhone and charger.

Johnston County deputies arrested Mulchi when they arrived. She was held on a $10,000 bond.

The stolen iPhone and charger was recovered and returned to the victim, who reported minor injuries from the assault.

Authorities said the victim and suspect did not know one another.