Residents Warned About Craigslist Scam

Ronald Fuller is a member of the American Legion Post in Wendell.  Several years ago he bought a 1970 Kaiser army truck to drive in parades.

Fuller is now downsizing and decided two weeks ago to list his Army truck for sale on Craigslist.  In those two weeks, Fuller who lives in the Pilot community in Franklin County, says he has been the victim of four attempted scams.

Army TruckIn all the cases, including a phone call Monday night from Nevada, Fuller says someone calls and wants to pay the full asking price of $4,800 for the truck.  In all 4 cases, they would-be buyer wants to send a check for more money, have Fuller cash the check, and send the balance back to them.

In the scam, the checks turn out to be counterfeit and the victim who cashes the check is responsible for repaying the money to the bank when it fails to clear.

Luckily, Fuller said he knew right away it was a scam. In the latest incident Monday night he asked for the caller’s name and address, saying he needed it for the vehicle title, but they refused to answer and eventually hung up the phone.

Fuller wants other people who may use Craigslist or other online services to be aware. As of Tuesday, he still had his Army truck for sale.