Restaurant Employee Charged With Embezzlement

A newly hired employee at a Selma restaurant has been arrested on embezzlement charges.

Selma Police said the thefts occurred on May 11th and May 12th at Denny’s on JR Road. Corporate loss prevention became suspicious after the new employee, identified as 39 year-old Monica Sykes Shultz of Benson, had reported that a number of customers had walked out of the eatery without paying for their food.

Security video revealed on May 11th a customer paid $86.90 for a meal but Shultz allegedly logged the meal as a “walk out” indicating on the Denny’s log the customer never paid.  A second transaction occurred the next day for a $35.52 payment in which Shultz again logged as a “walk out” when video showed the customer as paying for the food.  In both cases, video allegedly shows Shultz pocketing the money.

According to police, Shultz allegedly confessed to the crimes saying it was due to her current financial situation.

She was arrested May 17th and charged with embezzlement and held under a $50,000 bond.