School Board Approves Land Purchase For New Elementary School

The Johnston County Board of Education has agreed to purchase a tract of land in northern Johnston County for a new elementary school site.  Funding for the new school was approved in the 2018 school bond referendum approved last November by voters.

On Tuesday, the Board of Education agreed to purchase a 39 acre parcel on Lynch Road about one-half mile off Highway 42 East of Clayton at a price of $16,000 per acre, or a total of $624,000.

In a motion by school board member Ronald Johnson and seconded by Todd Sutton, the board unanimously agreed to an option to purchase the property, contingent upon satisfactory completion of geo-technical and other site tests.  The school board must also receive final approval from County Commissioners.

The board did not identify the location of the land in their public meeting. obtained the location only after making a Public Records Request on Wednesday.

School Board Attorney Jimmy Lawrence said the 39 acres will be cut out of a larger tract owned by the Earp family.  “I have engaged a surveyor to cut out the tract along the boundaries that the Earp’s and I agreed to,” Lawrence said in an email. “The survey map is not available yet. We know what we need and just need the formal survey to make it proper.”

One constructed, the new elementary school will help eliminate overcrowding from existing elementary schools in the River Dell, East Clayton and Archer Lodge areas.

Updated 7:41pm