School Board Protests Planned Featuring High Profile Politicians


Calls mount for Sutton to resign as school board chair

SMITHFIELD – Across the country school board meetings are generating large, vocal crowds. Johnston County’s July School Board Meeting had over 100 protesters show-up, and the September 14th meeting looks to be an even larger event.

Citizen Advocates for Accountable Government (CAAG) and JCPS Parents for Freedom are organizing a march and protest for the school board meeting on September 14th, 2021, at the Simpson building on Hwy 70 in Smithfield. The event will occur during the regularly scheduled Johnston County Board of Education meeting.

Madison Cawthorn, U.S. representative for Western North Carolina’s 11th congressional district, will be in attendance. A member of the Republican Party, Cawthorn was elected to Congress in 2020 and is the youngest serving congressman. Cawthorn has been outspoken on hot button issues, and his anticipated presence at the local school board meeting has generated a buzz.

Robby Starbuck, a Republican political hopeful for the US Congressional seat in Nashville, TN also plans to be in attendance. A Cuban-American, Starbuck is an award winning Video Music producer and director, and has been outspoken to his large base of followers on issues facing the country.


Dale Lands, founder of CAAG, said the two groups organizing the event invited local, and outspoken out of district, elected officials. Lands is hopeful many will come to the meeting to peacefully stand against, what he views as, overreach by local boards of education.

Lands said, “We are going to the school board meeting in force with a lot of constituents. We are grateful that some high profile elected officials and candidates from other areas of NC, and the country, have agreed to join and support us. We are hopeful these big voices will encourage others across the US to speak up for policies against CRT, and giving parents choice in masks and vaccinations for their children.”

Organizers anticipate as many as 500 people attending the protest and school board meeting.

Parent: Uncooperative school board members should resign
Caroline Lowe Miklosovic, member of JCPS Parents for Freedom, is an organizer for the planned events and said, “We hope to share with the BOE, in a peaceful and respectful way, the collective voice in Johnston County that is for parents choice is also the overwhelming majority. We want to remind the BOE that they are here to make educational decisions for our children.”

Miklosovic is soliciting the resignation of uncooperative members of the school board. She said, “If The Chairman and the rest of the board cannot have open communication and work with parents, we kindly ask the chairman and any other board members to step down and allow other candidates who are capable to take over.”

Dale Lands extended a word of support to Superintendent Dr. Bracy, “Citizen Advocates for Accountable Government wishes to make clear our support for Superintendent Dr. Eric Bracy. Dr. Bracy was hired to do a job, and we hope that he  makes our schools shine by meeting his goal of bringing the schools back to acceptable achievement levels. We are rooting for his success! Dr. Bracy has been professional and willing to listen to our concerns, then take action. We thank Superintendent Bracy for his efforts.”

Lands: Competent members of community needed on school board
Lands had harsher words for the current school board, “As far as the board of education is concerned we have had many conversations with them regarding CRT and mask mandates. We need representation that will not step into our lives in such an intrusive manner.  If the board members, including Chairman Sutton, cannot deliver policies that meet the needs of the majority they should step down immediately and allow competent members of the community to step in and help Dr. Bracy achieve his goals.”

Leader of the JCPS Parents for Freedom group Kevin Donovan says he will be calling for leadership, transparency, and open dialogue. Donovan stated, “If that can’t be provided with the current people in the seats, then it should be handed over to someone that can.”

Both CAAG and JCPS Parents for Freedom are encouraging people to attend, speak at the meeting, and stand up with signs outside in solidarity against CRT, mandated masks, and forced vaccinations.

The groups plan to meet at 3:00pm at Becky’s Log Cabin Motel on Highway 70, and peacefully march to the Central Office building at 3:30pm. The sign-up for speaking begins at 4:00pm, the open meeting starts at 5:00pm, and public comments are scheduled at 6:00pm.

Follow Citizen Advocates for Accountable Government or JCPS Parents for Freedom on Facebook for updates or reach out personally for further information. Dale Lands Co-founder Citizen Advocates for Accountable Government NC can be reached at 984-297-3304 or by email

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  1. These guys really want your vote pretty bad. LOL You super spreaders don’t understand that you do have a choice. You have a few..Medical exemption..or keep them home and teach them to be as smart as you are…Stop acting foolish and mask up to save live.SMH

      • Yes, follow the science. Not cherry picked science to suit an agenda. Your link doesn’t work, but I’m assuming you’re talking about the study that showed that some masks are only around 10% effective in keeping particles out while K95 masks are around 40-60%. But the issue is keeping particles from spreading from the wearer’s own mouth which they are much more effective at. Dozens of studies, peer reviewed studies, show that masks do help reduce COVID spread.

      • You reference some random article/blog to use as proof for how to take care of your children? SMH Stop searching for bloggers to satisfy ignorance ..go to the hospital and ask those doctors with over filled units and no beds if you should mask up. those are the people you will come crawling to for help when you get sick.

          • 1. Your link didn’t work. 2. One can’t cherry pick as you do 3. If you’re referring to the recent University of Waterloo study, as you almost surely are, you neglected to mention the overall conclusions. Why? The study went to great pains to explain that their measurements were over a very long time period (10 hours), in an unventilated area. Once ventilation happened, the efficacy rates went way up. You neglected to mention that. “Measurements demonstrate that all tested masks provide protection in the immediate vicinity of the host primarily through the redirection and reduction of expiratory momentum….The researchers found that N95 masks were able to filter out 60 per cent of exhaled aerosols, and KN95 masks could filter out 46 per cent.

            On the other hand, cloth masks and surgical masks only filtered out 10 per cent and 12 per cent of exhaled aerosols, respectively….The results also suggest that, while higher ventilation capacities are required to fully mitigate aerosol build-up, even relatively low air-change rates (2 h−1) lead to lower aerosol build-up compared to the best performing mask in an unventilated space.

            “There is no question it is beneficial to wear any face covering, both for protection in close proximity and at a distance in a room,” said lead author Serhiy Yarusevych in a press release​. “However, there is a very serious difference in the effectiveness of different masks when it comes to controlling aerosols.”

            Researchers say cloth and surgical masks are prone to air leakage at the top of the mask, where the mask meets the bridge of the nose.Yarusevych says his data shows that wherever possible, high-efficiency masks should be paired with proper ventilation in indoor settings such as schools and workplaces.

    • I have changed my mind and I am with T Biden on this stuff now. Ronald Johnson or Ron-Jon why can’t you be a team player and when $180-K-Carroll moves to closed session that means closed door smoke filled room with only board members in it to vote bringing our old school superintendent back here to help do Dr. Bracy job for him and what do you do? A team player don’t go out and leak this stuff even if you do feel it is dark shadow business practices. $180-K-Carroll has came back to this school board to share his past experience on how to get things done! Ron-Jon get out of the way and let Dr. Bracy tell chairman Mr. Sutton on how we need Dr. Parker back here and pay Dr. Parker his $180,000.00 too. Ron-Jon we can’t be having them engineers we hired last here doing this heavy lifting work! Go T Biden!!!

    • Tax payers and Parents would anyone of you ask these question at the next school board meeting? There has been some suggestions that the needed data for the school bond study that would be done by our old school superintendent for $180,000.00 is so easily accessible that the data has already been compiled and may be setting in a nearly finished report now? That is why some have suggested Dr. Parker needed the added clause of being payed even if the report was finished early “The contract stipulates JCPS must make payment within 7 days of receiving an invoice, not the typical 30 day payment terms. If the work is completed earlier than 12 months, the school board must pay the remainder of the money due in lump sum within 15 days of receiving a final invoice”. Does anyone know has the JCPS already allowed Dr. Parker to have access to this data by means of reports?

  2. It’s bad enough when school board members campaign during the meeting, but now two more people who really don’t give a sh*t about the schools, only their campaigns are coming too?

    None of this sh*t would happen if we just privatize education. It’s clear now that public education is only about power, not education.

  3. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Now, not only is the JC BOE a joke, but it is spreading to the citizens. What a joke! Comedy central moved its offices to Hwy 70!

  4. I’m guessing local politicians (i.e. David Rouzer) wisely did not want anything to do with this circus. So what’s the next best thing? NC’s most embarrassing congressman (from the far western end of thestate) and the bad guy from Karate Kid part 3!

  5. Mandated masks and vaccinations are the smart choice. I do not buy your take that opposition is an overwhelming majority. There are those of us who want to stem the spread of the virus for the good of all. These meetings should be local folks only with no room for those outside our jurisdiction.

  6. And how does Caroline Lowe Miklosovic know parent choice is the “overwhelming majority” opinion of JCPS parents? She doesn’t even have any kids in JCPS.

    • Because Caroline thinks very highly of herself. One only has to look at her online presence and can quickly see this. Check out her sites including her BOE campaign, etc. She is nauseating!! Would we really want someone on the Board that has lived here such short time but has such strong opposition and hostility to our current Board?

    • Was wondering the same thing! Where does she get her figures from to claim the “overwhelming majority” is for parents choice. Has she somehow surveyed the entire JCPS parent population and I (as a parent) missed it? A majority of the people I know don’t feel that way. I have to believe its more than likely just the opposite…a majority FOR the mask mandate to slow the spread and give our kids the best chance to be IN school.

  7. Cawthorn is surely not one to respect safety and rules…This is the same dummy that tried to get on a plane with a gun! What idiot invited this 26 year old idiot to highlight the fact that they’re an idiot,,SMH They don’t even want him hanging around his own side of town..

  8. Wow, just wow! Overnight we seem to have been overtaken by soy loving brainwashed fake woke snowflakes being triggered. I’m sure glad they are the test dummies taking the gene therapy shot so we can rest assured their lives will be shortened significantly. Hopefully it does make them sterile as well so they don’t super spread that complete and utter ignorance. If you honestly depend on the main stream media to tell you how to think and act, the damage is irreversible. Please drink the magic kool-aid and wait for the spaceship to come take you away.

    • Because vaccines reduce the risk, not eliminate it? That’s like trying to claim that wearing seatbelts doesn’t work because people still die in car accidents. Try scientific sources.

      • Name another vaccine that only reduces risk doesn’t prevent it. Name another vaccine that has killed 13,627 people in 8 months (per open vaers). Name another vaccine that requires unlimited boosters every 5 months. Name another vaccine that has major breakthrough cases 6-8 months after vaccination. Name another vaccine that required the CDC to change the definition of vaccination to make hide it’s failure.

        • The flu vaccine reduces risk, but doesn’t prevent it. An annual vaccine, as the flu is seasonal…COVID is not. People can still get the flu even after vaccination, though the flu vaccine greatly reduces illness, hospitalization and death, as does the COVID vaccine.

          Open Vaers is an anti-vax site run by a team of people who “interpret” the actual CDC/FDA Vaers site.

          CDC site reports the following: Reports of death after COVID-19 vaccination are rare. More than 369 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines were administered in the United States from December 14, 2020, through August 30, 2021. During this time, VAERS received 7,218 reports of death (0.0020%) among people who received a COVID-19 vaccine. FDA requires healthcare providers to report any death after COVID-19 vaccination to VAERS, even if it’s unclear whether the vaccine was the cause. Reports of adverse events to VAERS following vaccination, including deaths, do not necessarily mean that a vaccine caused a health problem.

        • Every time you post your claim that the COVID vaccine “has killed 13,627 people in 8 months” it still remains false. Reports of death after taking the vaccine don’t mean causation. Out of hundreds of millions of people, including many elderly, some are bound to die from various causes. It may help to have a scientific source interpret the data rather than your assumptions.

          • Hmm interesting that is your theory for the vaccine but not for the virus itself considering the CDC itself says that most people who die from covid have 2+ comorbidities, many stories of people on hospice being listed as covid death even though they were end of life already. Love the one sided thinking!

          • Whataboutisms don’t support your claim any more than your faulty assumptions. Try reading scientific sources that have actual experts explaining it, not cherry picked snippets that suit what you want to be true that are also misinterpreted. Such as assuming complications caused by COVID are the root cause of death, and not COVID itself. The condition that began the chain of events is considered the underlying cause of death You simply post misinformation, then try to change the subject to yet more bogus talking points when called out on it in a effort to support your politics. Just anti-science nonsense.

  9. Are you serious? Those clowns on the JOCO parents freedom have really turned this into a circus. I am so embarrassed that people like that are seen to represent our school parents. They are sadly mistaken if they think they are the majority – not even close! They are only a handful out of the total population. Most parents are educated and smart enough to know that masks work and want to keep their kids safe. I agree with the fake woke snowflake.

  10. It’s reassuring and heartening to see so many rational voices among us who recognize this for what it is – a manufactured circus. PT Barnum I mean “Handsy Maddy” Cawthorn and the rest of the Trump “Sigfried and Roy” sideshow have to do all they can to make up a new culture war and recruit some new home-grown lackeys like Slobodan Milosovic, and The Man in the Cowboy Hat on the local Board of Facists to do their bidding. Republicans deriding Biden for implementing Trump’s own plan will only last so long (off-topic, but since when does Trump or any modern Republican care about anyone other than the whitest of flyover-country Americans? That’s rich). Once everybody realizes they are going to have fewer potholes and less traffic to deal with thanks to Biden, all the Big Lie propagandists can do is hope they can stoke the deepest racial fears of enough suburban and exurban white people by bringing this circus to town in school board parking lots.

  11. So, Cawthorn and Starbuck are two political agitators who are not JoCo stakeholders. How is it appropriate that a widely exposed liar and sexual predator and a director/producer of rap and hip-hop music videos (Eve, Snoop Dogg, Gucci Mane, Ty Dolla Sign, Lil Yachty, Machine Gun Kelly, etc.) depicting drugs, violence, and strong sexual content degrading women are invited by a right-wing citizens’ group to speak at a JoCo School Board meeting?

    Apparently Cawthorn and Starbuck will challenge the school district’s mask mandate by emphasizing that masks psychologically traumatize children. (I imagine accounts of Cawthorn’s predatory behavior and some of Starbuck’s videos might have the same effect.) Does this mean everyone should follow Madison Cawthorn and Robby Starbuck for more parenting advice? Are they experts on health, education, or child rearing? It’s embarrassing that you are so desperate to market your cause that the best you can do is recruit two outsiders who are attention-seeking political hustlers to promote an agenda.

  12. A cotton cloth mask made by a retail store or aunt Mary does not stop the spread of COVID. The surgical masks sold by drug stores, grocery stores, on Amazon, etc do not stop the spread of COVID – even says so on the box. The N97 masks are the only ones that have shown any success but I seriously doubt many if any students or teachers have these masks and studies show these masks must not be reused do to bacteria and moisture build up and the hazards of inhaling.

    I prefer to continue like I have since all this chaos started to not wear a mask. I have not been sick any and I go about my busy normally daily. Being in sales I am in and out of businesses with no masks and only restrict myself from businesses that require masks.

  13. Oooooooh let’s bring the most hated congressman in Nc. Sexual predator and vile human. Then some wanna be Chris Angel dude from TENNESSEE. Neither of these 2 have ANY jurisdiction in Johnston Co. lol The FreeDUMB group is insane. They couldn’t get any local politician so they had to get these 2 clowns. I hope the board stays firm and won’t be bullied by the circus this group is bringing in Tuesday. Their plans are atrocious and embarrassing.

  14. Amen, Doris R. Also, please note the source of any “studies” or “evidence” people post. “tennessee eagle forum?” WTF? Any Q-bumpkin can post anything they like on the inner-nut.

  15. But why are we inviting a “politician,” that has 150 women calling him a sexual predator, with explicit details, also a politician that got straight Ds in his political science major in college, and flunked out their first year to come anywhere near this county? He also lied to his best friend about the car wreck that made him paralyzed, saying his “friend and brother,” left him to die. He tried to ruin his friend’s life by saying slanderous things and then Madison took it back?? That’s when y’all that support him should have questioned his character.

    He has also made it seem like his wreck derailed his Navy career. No. He got rejected before the wreck. The Navy didn’t want him.

    He also used conspiracy theories in advertisements to raise money for himself.

    As a woman, 1 claim about Madison being a sexual predator is 1 too many. 150 claims and in writing.

    You better pray for your kids and their wellbeing if you endorse and support a politician who is money hungry and a sexual predator. He preyed on women in college, and those women are someone’s daughters. So da*n sad.

  16. I can’t even describe the feeling if joy I get reading comments from people that barely graduated Kindergarten berating an kid that has been elected to congress at 26 and expect us to take them serious when they try to explain $cience.🤣

  17. Man didn’t realize how many Democrats live in North Carolina. Just saying only Democrats could be this stupid in the comments. Freedom comes at the cost of your lives masks don’t work effectively enough or he’ll all us republicans would be dead right? So the school board doesn’t get to decide jabs or masks for parents kids, they decide. Why not keep your kids home and teach them self hate so they too can become future Democrats lol

  18. Funny how so many resort to Google or just looking for reasons not to get vaccinated, don’t you think all of the health care professionals have seen all these studies and are well aware of any risks or issues with masks or vaccines. We get vaccinated for everything else did everyone go nuts over the smallpox vaccine many years ago probably not, way to many conspiracy theorists and Google experts who refuse to believe that the vaccine just simply works.

    • When there are long term studies that show continued efficacy and safety I might consider it but this was pushed through without animal trials or long term safety studies so I’ll let y’all be the guinea pigs in this clinical trial and I’ll wait to see the results. Thanks for doing your part in this clinical study.

      • That just goes to show your ignorance. Do you realize the amount of manpower that was devoted to the development of this vaccine? The world’s most powerful supercomputer network was formed specifically to research Covid. Think about that – the researchers had access to more computational power than they’ve ever had in the past. That’s how it was able to be developed.

        • It’s like talking to a wall these people just don’t get it probably because they have not walked into the covid wing at the hospital or haven’t walked into the er or ICU, it’s not pretty when you see a tube hanging out of a 40 year old healthy person’s mouth. Maybe they won’t catch it and hopefully their children won’t either. Who knows maybe they can pray it away or take horse wormer 😕

          • My husband and I both had covid, went to ER, have 2+ comorbidities and are high risk. We survived with the MD giving us augmentin, an antibiotic that has been around for a very long time and cost $9 each! Survived it along with 99.8% of the people who get it. Covid is not the big boogie man MSM is telling you it is!!!

          • The fact that you had it and had to go to the ER for treatment should tell you that it’s not just a common illness. You should be the main person telling people to get the vaccine and follow any and all guidelines to protect them from having to suffer what you went through! Instead you decide to be selfish and tell others not to worry about it so that they can go through the same or worse?!? Just TERRIBLE!

  19. What’s even sadder is that you actually lie about having covid and being treated with an antibiotic that cured you. SMH This is exactly the type of selfish misinformation that people spread to cause families loved ones…

  20. I don’t watch MSM first of all I voted for Trump myself I’m just smart enough to get vaccinated not saying you aren’t BTW. I’m glad ya’ll got over covid but there are no shortage of folks that don’t just tired of self centered selfish people who don’t care about their fellow Americans. But at this point it’s not going to matter looks like pretty much everyone is going to have to get vaccinated now or be unemployed. It has absolutely nothing to do with political affiliation it doesn’t matter who you are when the tube is in your throat or they are wheeling granny or daddy into the overflowing morgue just saying it’s happening everywhere every day those of us who work in this field see it daily and we are tired of it.

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