Selma Police: DWI Suspect Tasered After Trying To Bite Officer

A motorist allegedly resisted arrest and tried to bite an officer.  Around 5:00 AM Sunday, Selma Police were dispatched to a report of a car stopped in the roadway at the railroad crossing on Lizzie Mill Road.

Officers said they located a Buick LeSabre stopped at the crossing but there was no train approaching. The driver, identified as Obadiah Speight of Selma, was reportedly asleep behind the wheel with the engine running, his foot on the brake pedal, and the car in drive.  Police put the car in park and attempted to awaken Speight by yelling at him, but he did not respond.

Police then asked for an EMS unit to respond to the scene. Prior to paramedics arriving, police were able to awaken Speight but he fell back asleep.  Eventually, Speight awoke but reportedly acted confused.

Police asked him to turn off his car. He responded by turning off his headlights. Police asked a second time and Speight turned on his windshield wipers.

The 27 year-old man refused several commands to exit the car.  While removing Speight from his vehicle, police allege he resisted, refused to allow police to place him in handcuffs, and swung his arm striking one officer in the face.  Speight then turned and tried to bite the officer.   Speight continued to resist arrest and was tasered.  Afterwards, he complied to commands and allowed police to place him in handcuffs.

EMS arrived and checked out the suspect and removed the taser barbs.

While being transported to jail, Speight allegedly told the transporting officer, “I just want to go home… I was right there at my house. I just fell asleep cause I was tired and there was a train… I had a few beers. So what.”

While at the Johnston County Jail, Speight registered 0.19 on the Breathalyzer, more than double the legal limit of 0.08.  After being told his breathalyzer reading, he allegedly replied, “That’s not drunk. .30 is drunk.”

Speight was charged with driving while impaired, possession of an open container in the passenger area, resisting and delaying, and assault on a government official. He was given a $5,000 bond pending a September 11th court appearance.