Shopper Scans Fraudulent Price Tags At Self-Check Register, Police Say

24-year-old Camilia McAllister is facing larceny charges after police say she scanned fraudulent barcodes at the self-check-out in Walmart.

On Saturday, loss prevention officials at the Clayton store reported a woman scanning grocery items at a self-check register, but failing to scan five higher priced food items, including bags of shrimp.

Surveillance video reportedly showed the suspect scanning a UPC bar code that was taped to the back of her cell phone each time she passed a higher price grocery item near the register.

The register scanned an item priced at 23 cents instead of ringing up the higher priced item.

The woman quickly exited the store and drove off, but loss prevention officials say they recognized her from previous suspicious purchases.  She was also wearing a work shirt with a name tag that clearly displayed her first name.

Officers were able to locate and charge Camilia Joycelyn Yevette McAllister of Raleigh with larceny by changing the price tag. She was also wanted on a misdemeanor larceny charge from Fayetteville Police.

She was arrested and taken to the Johnston County Jail on a $500 secured bond.