Small Fire Intentionally Set In Backyard At State Trooper’s Home

CLAYTON – Johnston County authorities are investigating a suspicious fire in the backyard of a state trooper’s residence. Authorities don’t know if the trooper was specifically targeted. It happened at the trooper’s home in the Riverwood community in the Clayton city limits.

Clayton Police said it happened sometime between 10:00pm May 19th and 9:00am May 20th. Someone went into his backyard and then onto the rear deck. The person started a small fire on the gas grill by opening up the propane tank and turning on the burners starting a small fire with available materials.

Minor damage was reported but there was no damage to the home itself. Police are treating the case as arson.

Police Chief Greg Tart said there are no known suspects at this time but detectives are still investigating. Police don’t know if this was a random incident or the individual targeted the home because a law enforcement officer lived there. There have been no other reports of similar incidents in the Riverwood neighborhood.


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