Squatter Found Living In Newly Built Home

Authorities have arrested a women they believe had been living in a newly constructed home for the last week.  Benson Police said the suspect had been sleeping on a blanket and pillow in a bedroom, had snacks on the counter, body wash and shampoo in the shower, clothes hanging up in the closet, and food in the kitchen.

Around 9:15pm Sunday, police said they received a call from a manager at Adams Homes of Garner reporting someone possibly living in a newly built home on Lakeshore Drive in the Benson city limits. The home was under contract to be sold but the manager said no one should be living there.

Officers arrived and found a white Toyota Camry parked in the driveway and several lights on inside the house.  Upon entering the home, police said they spotted a drink cup and bag of snacks on the kitchen counter.  A woman met officers near the front door.  Police said they asked her if she was the owner of the home. After a brief pause, she reportedly replied, “No, I’m not.”

The suspect, 41 year-old Shannon Stewart McLamb of Stedman, a Cumberland County address, was placed in handcuffs and led outside the home. Police said McLamb told them she recently moved out of her mother’s home and had no other place to live.

Police said there was a for sale sign in the front yard and a sold sticker attached to the sign.  There were no signs of forced entry into the home. Police seized a key to the residence from McLamb but she declined to tell police where she obtained the key.

According to a neighbor, McLamb had been coming and going from the address for about a week.

McLamb was transported to the Johnston County Jail and charged with felony breaking and entering. She was held under a $10,000 secured bond.