Squatters Found Living In Ball Field Score Box

Two people have been arrested after they allegedly broke into a ballfield score box and had been living inside.

Benson Police said they responded to a call Friday morning from Benson Parks and Recreation officials after they discovered a lock had been broken off an entry door to the score box at the Senior Center Ball Fields on North Johnson Street.  After discovering the break-in, parks and rec employees walked inside to see if anything was missing and reportedly found a man and woman hiding inside. The couple had allegedly been living inside the score box for an undetermined amount of time.

Officials said they found clothes, food and trash inside the public building.

The male suspect attempted to flee on foot but was detained by workers until police arrived.  Tyrone Speller, 20, and Zavionna Nasha Santiago, 20, were arrested.  Both were charged with felony breaking and entering. Speller was placed in the Johnston County Jail under a $25,000 bond. Santiago was held under a $5,000 bond.