Standoff Ends With Arrest Of Man Who Pulled Knife On Cops

A standoff ended peacefully after an off-duty security guard wanted on domestic assault charges allegedly pulled a knife on two officers who went to his home.

Around 4:30pm Saturday, Benson Police said they were notified by the Lillington Police Department to attempt to locate a suspect wanted for a domestic incident involving a firearm in the Lillington city limits.

The suspect was identified as 35 year-old Andrew Swenson, who lives in the 300 block of W. Woodall Street in Benson. Police said Swenson was thought to be possibly be armed with a gun.

Two Benson police officers arrived at his Woodall Street home and after knocking on the door a man who matched Swenson’s description opened the door.  Police asked the man if he was Andrew Swenson. He allegedly replied, “I may or may not be.”

Police said Swenson became irate and attempted to slam the door on the two officers.  As officers attempted to keep the door open, and standing less than 4 feet away from the suspect, Swenson allegedly reached into his pocket and pulled out a knife.

The two officers drew their handguns and moved backwards for safety reasons.  Swenson fled down a hallway. The two officers created a perimeter around the exterior home and called for backup from the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office and NC Highway Patrol.

Once backup arrived, Swenson made contact with a deputy and said he was going to make some phone calls and would surrender afterwards.  A short time later, Swenson walked onto the front porch, placed the knife on a porch railing and placed handcuffs on his wrists that had been left on the porch by a Benson officer.

Swenson was taken into custody without further incident.

During a search of his home, a disassembled 9mm handgun and ammunition were allegedly located.  The items were taken as evidence by Benson Police.

Swenson reportedly told officers he attended Basic Law Enforcement Training and was currently working as a security guard with a Raleigh company.

Swenson requested to be taken to the hospital, but after arriving told police he didn’t want to be at the hospital any longer and was discharged, according to police.

He was taken before a Johnston County magistrate and charged with assault with a deadly weapon on a government official and resisting and delaying.  He was given a $25,000 bond on those charges.

Swenson was held without bond for 48 hours on Lillington Police warrants for assault by pointing a gun and for the larceny of a mobile hot spot device.

No injuries were reported.