Student Gave Out Marijuana-Laced Edibles At School, JCSO Says

A Corinth Holders High School student has been arrested after she allegedly gave out marijuana-laced items to some of her classmates. The incident happened last Friday.

Zyonna Tanea Ware allegedly admitted to making marijuana-laced brownies and Fruit Loops. She reportedly gave the items out to three of her classmates at school before she was caught. At least one of the students consumed some of the items.

A school resource officer arrested Ware and charged her with felony possession with intent to manufacture sell or deliver a controlled substance. The 18 year-old was given a $5,000 bond at the Johnston County Jail.

Johnston County Public Schools declined to comment about the incident. Officials also declined to say if the student will face any disciplinary action.


  1. Charging a teenager with a felony for weed brownies? Has to be more to it to ruin this kids life over something like that.

    • Felony possession with intent to sell, manufacture, or deliver a controlled substance. Giving away drugs on school grounds. Only a 5k. bond. She’s getting out light.

      • Light?! Give me a break. Charging her with a felony over some edibles is the real crime. Literally trying to ruin her life for this. Absolutely ridiculous and waste of the tax payers dollars. SMH.

    • What’s a little possession and distribution of illegal drugs among friends, right? Do we know if these kids knew they were being drugged?

      Why do liberals always make excuses for rotten behaviour?

      • No excuses for her at all. I just feel like a high school kid handing out weed edibles shouldn’t have her ENTIRE life marked with a felony. Meanwhile grown men and women can storm the United States capitol and receive a misdemeanor charge for it!

        • Your ignorance is showing. Many so called “capitol rioters” have been held in jail for over a year without charges. Of course the MSM won’t tell you about that.

          • Many have indeed. There are also others who were charged with “parading or demonstrating inside the capitol” which is not a felony. Let’s not take your train to far off the track though…This kid does not deserve to be marked for life over this incident. Punish her in a fashion that allows her the chance to grow from it and still being able to live a productive life if she chooses to do so.

  2. Why should she be punished to the full extent? Over some weed brownies? So much going on in the world! Learn from this experience and grow from it. Allow her to move on with her life. She’s still a child, nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes.

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