Suspect Armed With Sword Causes Extensive Damage

JOHNSTON COUNTY – A 29 year-old man is being held under a $125,000 bond in the Johnston County Jail following a bizarre incident in western Johnston County.

Around 11:05am Wednesday, Jan. 11, deputies were dispatched to Peed Lane, Angier off NC 210 near Jackson-King Road, for a report of a suspicious person in the yard of the victim’s home. The suspect allegedly entered a barn on the property and removed a sword. Using the stolen sword the suspect, Pedro Garcia Nava of Dunn, allegedly slashed a dozen tires on nearby vehicles and a farm tractor. He then reportedly broke into five cars and smashed out a car window.

Deputies arrived and located Nava, still armed with the sword, sitting in the victim’s car. Nava reportedly resisted arrest but was detained.

Authorities said there was no known reason why Nava should have been at the address and the victim did not know the suspect.

Pedro Nava was charged with five counts of breaking and entering a motor vehicle, three counts of injury to property, and one count each of breaking and entering, larceny, resisting a public officer, and possession of marijuana.

Total damage was estimated at $10,400.


  1. you forgot to report if this was a US citizen or one of the many migrants that have invaded our country/state without vetting. If you would do that on a routine basis, the public that are mainly asleep about this, would understand the gravity of it.

    • Does the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office participate in the ICE 287(g) agreement which allows them to perform duties relating to immigration law enforcement? If they do, then this individual would have been checked for his immigration status.

      • They probably don’t participate in ICE287 it makes perfect sense to check people out, but considering the amount of nefarious activity going on they probably don’t make time for it.

    • Absolutely. I think that you’re on the right track and stay tuned, there’s more to come now that hell is wide open with no protection. I think they are going to feel everyone out to see where the soft targets are.

    • We need to stop using the Left’s language and use correct terms. Terms such as ‘migrant’ need to be avoided. The proper term is ‘illegal alien.’ Language is powerful and subtly shapes opinion. The Left has used it to good effect in many areas.

      • In no way does ‘migrant’ automatically translate to ‘illegal alien’. please define these two words and understand there are differences in the two. You don’t know his citizenship status, you’re just being racist.

        • A. You know very well that in common parlance the term ‘migrant’ is synonymous with ‘illegal’

          B. His citizenship status is irrelevant. I was speaking in general terms. Though if you want to bet he’s legal I’ll give you 4-1 odds he isn’t.

          C, Ah, yes. The trump card: cry racist. I don’t care. Call me whatever you want.

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