Suspect Charged In Death Of Dog

A Johnston County man is facing felony animal cruelty charges following the brutal beating death of a family pet.

Last week, a 19 year-old West Smithfield resident reported that she had been keeping her dog at a relative’s home on Starbright Lane near Clayton.  The 20 pound dog was being kept in a kennel but began fighting with a second dog also housed in the kennel.

The pet owner told authorities her brother, Omar Bustos, 24, of Clayton, became annoyed at the dogs fighting and placed her dog on the back deck.

A short time later,  she claimed Bustos began yelling at her dog. The victim then alleged Bustos used a large wooden board and began striking the dog so violently the board broke.  After the board broke, Bustos reportedly continued to strike the dog until it was killed.

The incident was reported September 27th. On September 30th, Bustos was located and charged with felony cruelty to animals. He was also arrested on a felony drug conspiracy warrant. Bail was set at $50,000 on both charges.