Teen Felon Stole $40 During Robbery, JCSO Says

A 19 year-old convicted felon has been rearrested on robbery, assault and kidnapping charges. On April 28th around 2:00pm, a 30 year-old man said he was at his home on Allen Road in the Cleveland community when he was reportedly robbed by an acquaintance.

During the robbery, the victim said he was beaten in the face with a handgun and $40 in cash was stolen, according to the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office. Deputies said the victim had multiple cuts and abrasions, and facial swelling.

Investigators charged Kayloe Lemont Middleton Jr. of Blackthorne Court, Clayton with robbery with a dangerous weapon, assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill, first degree kidnapping and possession of a firearm by a felon.

In December 2018, Middleton was one of six people arrested by the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office for his involvement in a residential break-in on Peak Drive off N. Shiloh Road plus six vehicle break-ins in the Cleveland area. He served 5 months of a 21 month prison sentence on the charges before being released.

In July 2018, Middleton led Sampson County deputies on a 135 MPH chase that started on I-40 near Newton Grove and ended near Mount Olive in Wayne County. He was convicted of felony fleeing to elude arrest with a motor vehicle and given probation.

Middleton was arrested April 29th for the latest incident and held on a $300,000 secured bond at the Johnston County Jail.


  1. It’s so sad how the police have been constantly harassing and intentionally trying to find ways to charge him with things. They’ve been doing this for several years and it’s sickening to me!

    • I don’t know if I’m mad at the part that they claim he stole 40 or the other mess in this bogus article. The news always has a way to make what they write seem interesting! Smh

    • Starrlyn, so you are saying this young man is an innocent, honest citizen who has just been targeted by the police?

      • That’s exactly what I’m saying. This is my nephew and he has done things in the past. But his brother was murdered a year ago and Kayloe changed a lot since then. This all started from a fight, that’s all it was. And when the police kept trying to get the “victim” to press charges, he told them that it was just a fight, that the other guy started mind you. The guys family even stated that they would testify that it was a fight…the POLICE were the ones that pressed those bogus charges. I’ve had my bachelors in Criminal Justice since 2003 and I’ve been a law enforcement officer and I know NC law. How do you get kidnapping and attempted murder from a fight, get real!!! Sick and tired of this, STOP harassing my nephew!!! If he’s wrong then I say it, if he’s right wrong then I will go to bat for him. I hope that answered your question Golfin…

  2. I can’t wait until the real truth comes out…but when it does, there won’t be a report on that.

  3. and let’s not forget he robs half of his friends and the community. Most of them won’t go to the police. but he’s a innocent honest “man”.. ok

  4. These comments sound like they’re coming from cops. A bunch of people that don’t know what they’re talking about, it’s pathetic. But people won’t talk about the police officers that intentionally target people, which happens quite often…and that’s a FACT!

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