Teen Linked To Armed Robbery In Riverwood Community

CLAYTON – Today (Thursday), Detectives with the Clayton Police Department arrested Christian Jacob Schmidt, 18, of Clayton.

Police Chief Greg Tart said Schmidt was charged with two counts of felony robbery with a dangerous weapon for the June 7th armed robbery of two individuals in the Riverwood Community.

Schmidt is currently being held in the Johnston County Jail under a $150,000 secured bond.

Police said both suspects were armed with handguns. Detectives are still working to identify the second suspect involved.

If you have any information regarding this case, please contact Clayton Police at 919-553-4611.

Johnston County sheriff’s deputies assisted with Schmidt’s arrest.


  1. Looks like he likes piercings. If he keeps up this game, somebody is liable to give him a few more.

  2. How proud his parent(s) must be. Unless of course they are mad because he got caught. Parents. Sheesh.

    • Why do we have to look at the parents? Even some parents (the good ones) tried their best to raise their children the right way. Goodness. Just pray for him. That’s all.

      • nope…..here in joco …all races get arrested – that is very easy to see when looking through the mugshots. Gays, straights , lesbians and transgenders as well. Heck I even saw a mugshot of a guy from church a few months ago. Joco is an equal opportunity law breaking county….as are most in this nation. Rich people, poor people and middle class – no one is exempt from committing a crime. If you don’t believe that, then you chose not to live in the real world.
        We need more mental health workers and facilities to help with the disease of addiction since putting them in prison does nothing to help them and just overworks the court system and jails/prisons. Of course not all crimes are drug related but a majority are. Those that aren’t can be dealt with through the court system and then whatever sentence the judge or jury decides can be handled as required. On a side note, all the latinos I personally know, work hard, go to church, take care of multiple generations of family and stay out of trouble. Same with the majority of black people that I know. However, the children and grandchildren of some of my friends or acquaintances….who are decent people who worked hard all their lives – don’t know what happened to them but many are on drugs or have an alcohol problem sadly. Not all have committed crimes – yet, but many have lost custody of their kids if they had any. Many can’t keep a job. Some have just taken off and their parents have no clue where they are. Some are not doing well in school. Knock on wood, my adult kids are doing ok. My grandkids are not grown yet , but I hope they turn out ok and get through school and either go to college or get into a job that may not require college but does require good skills and work ethic, or if they want to join the military – whatever they chose – I just hope whatever causes addiction is not in our family genes – but I think it goes deeper than that. I wish we could cure the world of all the evils we face…

        • Cancer is a disease. Parkinson’s is a disease. Nobody asks to get them. Addiction is a choice. Nobody accidently gets hooked on meth or heroin. You CHOSE to try it and now you’re hooked. The cause is the same cause from which every other evil springs: sin. You aren’t going to cure sin by treating symptoms. You aren’t going to cure it either by telling addicts that they are innocent victims and making excuses for their CHOICES and behaviour.

          Somewhat off topic but you brought it up.

  3. Stop blaming the parents!! Kids, even your own lil cherubs will screw up- some royally, some not… judgement is disgusting. The boy needs help, the parents need support. Your finger pointing is useless, though probably making you feel elevated..

  4. thanks to the sheriffs dept helping to catch these criminals. Maybe they can help catch the others out there breaking in cars, stealing etc.

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