Tenant Sold $12,000 Item Before Being Evicted, JCSO Says

CLAYTON – A former tenant at a Clayton-area home has been charged with felony larceny after she allegedly sold property at the address that didn’t belong to her. Kristian Lynne Pittman, age 32, who now has a Raleigh address, was charged May 10th by the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office.

The 80 year-old landlord reported that Pittman rented a home from her in the Buckingham Subdivision off Guy Road. Pittman was later evicted from the residence.

After Pittman moved out, the landlord discovered a $12,000 hydraulic car lift bolted to the floor in a barn behind the home had been stolen. Pittman allegedly sold the car lift on Facebook. She reportedly told sheriff investigators she thought she had the right to sell the car lift.

Pittman was given a $5,000 secured bond.

The landlord reported the rental home sustained approximately $18,000 in damages while occupied by Pittman. The landlord will have to seek civil action to attempt to recover the damages.


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