Tillis Statement On FBI Search Of Former President Trump’s Home

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, U.S. Senator Thom Tillis (R-NC) issued the following statement on the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) searching former President Trump’s home:

“The American people’s faith in the Department of Justice has been eroding due to the perception that political considerations can override the fair application of the law. The FBI’s search of former President Trump’s home will further fuel this distrust, especially when the DOJ has provided no transparency on the process or level of merit behind the decision.”

“The optics are especially disturbing considering that Presidents Biden and Trump are past and potentially future political opponents. The DOJ owes the American people a thorough explanation regarding their decision-making process, including the release of the warrant, the warrant application, and why they decided to execute this search when President Trump’s lawyers were already cooperating with the National Archives.”

“We desperately need Congress to provide robust oversight and accountability to ensure partisan politics are not dictating decisions at the DOJ,” U.S. Senator Tillis said.


    • So once again, another long serving, truly conservative Republican with an ounce of dignity is being called a RINO because he some how crossed the almighty Trump at some point. Again I ask, if all of these accused RINOs have a long track record of standing for traditional conservative principals while still being a decent human being, but your political cult leader has only been involved in politics for less than 10 years, then doesn’t that make you the RINO?

      • He also votes against 2a, votes for sending more money overseas to Ukraine, often votes and speaks out against conservative values. I don’t call him a RINO just because of him being a never Trumper but also because of his voting record.

        • Thom Tillis voting in favor of expanded background checks isn’t “voting against the second amendment”, nor should supporting Trump mean anything other than loyalty to a disgraced ex-politician. Tillis put country over party and others should do the same. KNS is spot on.

      • Tell me you’re uninformed of his voting record. Tillis is a RINO and deserves to be censured by the NCGOP, him and Burr both.

  1. “……..to ensure partisan politics are not dictating decisions at the DOJ.” That’s rich after Trump blasted Jeff Sessions for recusing himself from the Mueller investigation and eventually replaced Sesions with his lap dog Bill Barr (until even he decided he couldn’t go along with Trump’s coup attempts)

    I seriously doubt the DOJ, FBI, and federal judge that approved the search warrant just decided to do this on a whim. They had to have solid reasons for doing so.

    • Then why haven’t they done this for HRC and hunter when there has been plenty of evidence to have them arrested not just searched.

      • Jen, if they actually found anything on Hillary’s laptop to arrest her for, they would have. She wasn’t hoarding boxes of classified documents that she wasn’t supposed to take with her. I guess Donald was storing them with all of that information the investigators he sent to Hawaii found on Obama’s birth.

        No doubt Hunter is a sleazy dude. If they can find proof that he’s broken laws then throw his a** in jail before he can use his position to bilk the Saudi’s for 2 Billion like Jared.

        • Try watching something other than MSM… there is plenty of evidence on both HRC and HB. The FBI is being weaponized by Biden against Americans and Trump.

          • Enlighten me, Jen. Share with me some of this evidence and the laws she broke. I know she was extremely carless with her email server, but I don’t think they can lock her up for that.

            Same with HB. What’s the evidence and what law was broken?

          • Not to mention the White House didn’t know about the Mar A Lago search warrant, because the Justice Dept is supposed to act independently (unlike Trump trying to tell them to seize voting machines)

          • You should share that evidence Jen R. All I see is rhetoric from too much right wing propaganda sources

  2. Tom and his knowledge of his buddies stealing COVID money right out of kids mouths is disgusting. Tom and his corruption can’t pound sand

    • Almost all of you on here know nothing about what you’re saying. The judge who signed off on the warrant actually stopped being a judge previously in his career so he could go make mega bucks representing sick perverted associates of Jeffrey Epstein. Read the NY Post article. And he got the degenerates a sweet deal at that. He has no moral character and I’m sure he was more than happy to sign the warrant. He’ll write a book and be a Democrat congressman or CNN contributor before long. This was the FBI pandering to the radical left whom are obsessed with and consumed by Trump Derangement Syndrome. The same FBI that lied to the FISA court and spied on Trump starting in 2015. The same FBI that pushed the Russia hoax and smear investigation for 3yrs. Forgive me for not trusting anything they say. Your President, Brandon, is an embarrassment to his office, this country and himself. He can’t complete sentences. You know you can’t win on ideas and you used Covid to cheat in the exact swing districts you needed to last election. You’ve awakened a sleeping bear and know they’ll be hell to pay when we get back in power. They won’t find anything on Trump just like they haven’t the last half dozen times they’ve tried to slander him. And all his “associates” that have gotten in trouble were over stupid procedural crimes. They didn’t sell out the country to the chinese like Joe. Trump kept a note from Obama big deal. Hillary smashed blackberry’s and laptops and it was perfectly fine. The President ultimately decides what is confidential. Not the FBI. And don’t give me the 1978 presidential records crap. Learn civics. The guy in charge of the Mar A Lago raid is the same dirt bag who was in charge of and orchestrated the fake Michigan Governor kidnapping plot. They aren’t even trying to hide their bias. Get serious Libs. Enjoy the next few months cause it’ll be a new day come January. And yes Tillis sucks and is a Rino. He needs to be primaried and voted out next time. He’s just trying to save face with the base now.

  3. No one knows precisely what crime the FBI is investigating or what evidence was presented to the judge who approved the search warrant.

    In order to get a warrant, the FBI would have had to convince a judge that it had probable cause to believe a search would locate evidence of a crime.

  4. Finally…but in todays political cult environment can we get 12 sane people to convict all the criminals of 45 and his administration , plus others involved, convicted? I mean we have people believing JFK is coming back from the dead for christs sake and they are waiting in Dallas still. These people are straight up loonies. But, this is a good start at least. I will take it.

  5. Having had several different levels of security clearances both in the military and as a defense contractor. If I took classified documents home, I would expect that the FBI would and should be knocking at my door. No one is above the law including an Ex-president.

  6. If he has nothing to hide, why does Trump take the 5th? Only the guilty keep quiet.

    “If you’re innocent, why are you taking the Fifth Amendment?” (Trump quote, 2016)

    “Fifth Amendment. Fifth Amendment. Fifth Amendment. Horrible. Horrible!” (Trump tweet 2022)

    Time to leave the stage DJT, your 15 minutes are over. You’ve been exposed as a spineless, flip-flopper who panders to the media. NEXT!

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