Tow Truck Driver Seriously Injured In Accident

SMITHFIELD – A tow truck driver was seriously hurt in a traffic accident Saturday night near Smithfield.  The crash was reported at 9:30 pm at the intersection of Short Journey Road and Swift Creek Road near the Johnston County Airport.

The State Highway Patrol said David Anthony Byrd III, 22, of Selma was operating a 2018 Ram wrecker on Short Journey Road.  The commercial vehicle failed to stop for a stop sign at Swift Creek Road.  The tow truck traveled through the t-intersection and slammed into a group of trees, trapping Byrd inside the cab.

Byrd was rushed by Johnston County EMS to Wake Med with serious injuries.

Troopers said Byrd was traveling at the posted speed of 55 mph on Short Journey Road prior to the crash. He was traveling at an estimated 50 mph at the time the wrecker impacted the trees, according to an accident report.

Trooper D.K. Douglas cited Byrd for driving while impaired.       


  1. Unbelievable….but not really. I had to call a towtruck last week and on the ride back, the truck I was in was shaking violently and kept stalling. The guy said one of their people had wrecked 3 trucks including that one. Between two truck and dump truck drivers, you better watch out for yourself. They are the absolute most careless and wreckless people on the roads. Why is that? It’s kind of like the bail bond industry, where everyone thinks they are a cowboy and can operate outside the rule of law.

    • People make mistakes. It’s not right to come for someone because they made a bad choice. Yes, clearly this was a very bad decision on Mr. Byrd’s part but his decision doesn’t make all wrecker and other types of drivers “careless and reckless” and you’re wrong, not everyone thinks they’re above the law. I really don’t think many people actually believe they’re above the law. Most of the time the people who are in these situations are going through something in their life and are making very poor decisions. I’m not saying that whatever was going on in his life is an excuse for what he did, but I am saying in may have contributed to what happened. When people are going through rough situations in life their mental health tends to go down hill and when people aren’t mentally/emotionally stable, they make bad decisions; some in which can result in serious injury or death. I am not saying, whatsoever, that any of this excuses what Mr. Byrd did in any way at all, but it can be a factor; and I want to make that clear. We all make bad decisions in life, some worse than others, but that doesn’t have to dictate who they are as a person or who they will be after the fact. Most of the time after going through something like this, it encourages the person to change. Now obviously this won’t be true for everyone, but hopefully it will be true in this case. This was not, in anyway, meant to be rude or disrespectful and I apologize in advance if it came off that way.

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