Benson Reinstates Mask Mandate At Town Facilities

BENSON – The Town of Benson has reinstated their mask mandate. On Wednesday, town officials said masks will be required by the public and customers entering Town facilities.

Officials said Town facilities are not closed to the public at this time, but will remain open with a mask requirement.

The Town said the decision was made following recent data from the Johnston County Health Department citing a 7.2 percent positivity rate among COVID-19 test results and rating Johnston County as a ‘high risk zone’ for further spread. North Carolina’s positivity rate is currently 6.7 percent while the US positivity rate is 5.8 percent.


  1. The illegal border crossing crowd has finally found freedom and the citizens that pays the bills will be back in lock-down and the chains back on by order of your local government. Hey we have another election just around the corner and those 80 million ballots has got to be ran back through those voting machines folks!

  2. This is a load of bull. Their decision is based on fear and NOT based on ANY science. Everyone already knows the masks are as effective as their garbage vaccines! Source: the CDC and NIH’s Dr. Fauci.

    The fact is the vaccinated with breakthrough China Flu have higher virus loads than the unvaccinated!

    The vaccinated are the literal walking talking super spreaders we’ve been warned so much about. These people should have never put this crap in their bodies, now they’re going around infecting everyone they speak to with their breathing and infectious mouth droplets.

    To steal a hashtag from the single most obnoxious commenter on JOCOReports: #VoteOutIncumbents

    I will not comply!

    • Oh my are you trying to spread truth bombs… beware you might get censored for that! Lol. Well with this news we all know joco school board plans to mask our kids yet again! Vote them all out!! Thankful to homeschool and not let the government corrupt my kids.

  3. Do people just make up their own stats and post them as if they are facts? Where do these ideas come from? Is “Q” posting this crap somewhere to any of the mindless sheep gullible enough to believe it?

    Over 97% of all new hospitalizations with COVID are unvaccinated folks. Vaccinated folks aren’t super spreaders, the reason the Delta or any other future variant exists is due to people not being vaccinated and continuing to give this virus hosts to spread and mutate in.

    If someone doesn’t want to get the vaccine because of autoimmune issues or something of that nature, I get it. But to spew fake news and act like the vaccine is the issue then you are just being willfully ignorant.

    I’ve lived in Johnston county all my life and with pride. However the more I read in the comments here the more I’m embarrassed. I don’t want to believe my neighbors are such weak minded people. Do some actual research as opposed to repeating talking points from talking heads.

    • You’re regurgitating talking points without doing any of your own research from reputable sources.

      If you did your home work you’d know the vaccines are less than 39% effective against the Delta varient. Also, over 50% of hospitalizations are breakthrough cases among the “fully vaccinated.” You’d also know that the death rates, and that’s dying FROM covid not dying WITH covid, are also higher among the vaccinated. Those vaccinated who don’t end up in the hospital have a higher rate of becoming asymptomatic super spreaders.

      You know what? You’re an embarrassment. You should be ashamed of your laziness. Your willing and public show of ignorance is abhorrent. Frankly, you should never comment here again if all your going to do is spew fake news Rachel “Mad Cow” Maddow talking points and propaganda.

      Move along. Let the adults handle this one.

      And “Q” really? You leftists have an unnatural obsession with Trump and conspiracies. Sheesh. Put the bottle down.

      • Cite your sources. I’m always happy to learn and expand my mind and knowledge. Studies I have read about suggest the vaccines are 88% effective vs the Delta variant. Data also shows the places seeing the biggest spikes in cases are areas with lower vaccination rates. And Vermont for instance has some of the lowest rates of new cases and is also the most vaccinated state. Perhaps that’s merely coincidental ?

        Now if you only get one dose of the vaccine that number changes and goes down into the 30s, similar to what you cited. But again, this is after one dose, not the full 2 doses of the vaccine. This site cited several different studies done in various places which all came to very similar conclusions.

        I’m not sure what you mean by suggesting over 50% of hospitalizations from fully vaccinated are break through. If you are speaking about ALL hospitalizations due to Covid then you are simply off. 97% or more of all hospitalizations are unvaccinated. 99.2% of all Covid deaths in June were unvaccinated people. If you have sources citing something different please share. Knowledge is power.

        For the record I don’t watch Rachel Maddow and I’m not a registered Democrat. Sorry to disappoint you with your stereotyping. Facts know no political party.

        • Mr. Cee, this is so painfully embarrassing watching you trying to shed the possibility of you not being a Democrat. The people that come here for the real news are so academically gifted that I even feel sorry and embarrassed for you. Mr. Cee, some of us has been around long enough to understand that the numbers don’t lie, but a liar will use numbers. I fell for you bro!

        • Sure sure, Anonymous Andy from the interwebs. If you don’t know how to move those little commie thumbs of yours across a touch screen phone’s keyboard to get solid answers from reputable sources using DuckDuckGo then I don’t know what to tell you. I can tell you I wont be doing your leg work. I don’t do free work for free.

          Give a man an answer and he’ll get the question right this time. Teach a man how to find the answer and he’ll get the answer right every time.

          Besides, we’ve sen this play out 100,000 times online. I, the conservative, list my sources, you the fringe leftist, decry how my sources don’t wave your stupid rainbow flag so they cant be any good. Boohoo.

          The fact remains it’s the vaccinated who are spreading the Delta variant. The people who’ve recovered from the China Flu, who are unvaccinated have a 700 times higher immuno-response than those who are fully vaccinated. Also, the vaccinated who experience breakthrough cases harbor virus load levels higher than their unvaccinated counterparts.

          It’s because your vaccines contain none of the actual virus that the virus is able to mutate in YOUR BODIES. Thank you for the Delta strain. You’re literally killing people. My antibodies utterly obliterate the Delta variant. Why? Because I’m just a healthier and much better specimen of a man than you’ll ever be. Get up off the couch fatty, turn off the mad cow and go outside for a run. Do you even lift bro?

          Next time you attempt to take a dump on someone online you had better choose wisely. I’ll out box a commie leftist, like you, who knows only what the talking heads screech at you ALL DAY.

          As far as you not being a registered Democrat, I dont care what you say you are, Anonymous Andy. Your willing promulgation of leftist propaganda tells me everything I need to know about you. Good luck finding your “Q”, I hope you have fun in that rabbit hole.

    • What about those unvaccinated people who have natural immunity (something that was recognized by the medical community until covid was released from wuhan)? Are you in the belief that they too need to be vaccinated? Don’t bother answering, I already know how sheep think.

    • Basically all of the comments on this site are from those who think getting a vaccine is unpatriotic or something stupid like that. It’s really depressing. You’d think that people would want to keep themselves safe, and also keep people around them safe, but apparently a vaccine against a deadly, highly transmissible virus is considered weak.

      It really is embarrassing, isn’t it? These people blame everyone else for everything, going so far as to convince people to risk death. The vaccine doesn’t kill you, people. Covid does, and it spreads very easily. I’m sure some of these folks would change their tone if they found themselves in the hospital with Covid.

      • Blah blah blah JOCOBoozer. I see your shine bottle is tipped up high like your favorite flag 🇨🇳…

        • Shut up. You’re not worth discussing things with if you’re willing to accuse someone of freaking genocide. And I’m not a liberal by the way. Seems like you’ve gotten your stereotypes wrong about multiple people here today.

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