Town Of Benson Updates COVID Restrictions And Guidelines

BENS0N – The Town of Benson is monitoring the local situation regarding COVID-19. Based on data and guidance from county and state officials, the Town has updated COVID-19 restrictions and precautions as follows:

TOWN HALL – 303 E. Church Street – (919) 894-3553
Benson Town Hall and all Town facilities remain open to the public, but with restricted access — anyone entering Town Hall is asked to wear a mask at all times. 

Residents with town-related questions can still call (919) 894-3553 as phones will be manned during normal business hours.

Utility customers are able to enter Town Hall to pay bills, however hallways, offices, bathrooms, and meeting spaces are off limits inside the building at this time. One to two customers can be helped at a time inside the Utilities office at the window.

Residents needing to pay utility bills can still use Town Hall’s night dropbox at any point in the day, pay bills online, or call and pay over the phone (previous restrictions on phone call payments have been temporarily lifted).

The Benson Police Department and the Benson Planning Department are open, but follow the same restrictions as the Utilities Office — seeing only one to two residents at a time. As always, for all life-threatening emergencies — dial 911. For non-emergencies, the BPD can be reached at (919) 894-2091.

LIBRARY/MUSEUM – 100 W. Main Street – (919) 894-3724
The Mary Duncan Public Library remains open to the public at this time, but with no access to public restrooms. Anyone entering the library is asked to wear a mask at all times. 

Library staff are currently utilizing every sanitary precaution including reinstating a book quarantine for outside returned items to ensure the safety of staff and patrons. 

The Benson Museum of Local History also remains open to the public, but with no access to public restrooms as well. Anyone entering the museum is asked to wear a mask at all times. 

PARKS & RECREATION – 1204 N. Johnson Street – (919) 894-5117
The Benson Parks and Recreation building (including exercise rooms and the space for the Benson Center for Active Aging) is closed to the public at this time. 

There will be no new Parks rentals until further notice (please note that current booked rentals will be fulfilled).

Youth sports registrations will need to be completed online. As of now, the fall sport season is still going on as planned. You can register here.
The food bank and clothing closet hosted at the Parks building will continue with masks required and a limited amount of volunteers. Parks and Rec as a COVID testing and vaccination site will also continue with masks and appropriate precautions.


  1. Folks, remember when the doors at Wal-Mart was all closed but one, and you were herded in like animals with muzzles on. The employee had his counter clicking in hand making sure only a certain amount of people were in the store. After checking out and paying with your card a masked and face shielded employee wiped down behind you as if you weren’t even human. Folks, we are being conditioned. I just am asking, what are we being conditionings for? Think about it!!!

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