Town Of Garner Plans Special Yard Debris Collection In Wake Of Storm

GARNER – In response to last week’s powerful storm that swept through Garner, the Town Council has approved a Public Works Department plan to conduct a special curbside pickup for unprepared yard debris starting the morning of Wednesday, July 6. 

The plan calls for crews to make one pass through each neighborhood, so it is important that residents get their yard debris to the curb by the morning of July 6, Public Works says.

The department also reminds residents that Town crews cannot pick up yard waste left by contractors who have performed work for residents. 

The special pickup will go in this route order: 

  • Orange Wednesday route 
  • Yellow Thursday route 
  • Gold Tuesday route 
  • Purple Thursday route 
  • Green Tuesday route 
  • Brown Friday route 
  • Red Monday route 
  • Gray Monday route 
  • Blue Friday route 
  • White Wednesday route 
  • Tan Tuesday route 

(See the Town’s color-coded route map.)    

The Public Works Department selected this route order to enable crews to begin in the areas that appear to have the most debris as a result of last Friday’s storm. 

In addition to the special pickup for unprepared yard waste, residents have the option of getting yard waste collected as part of their regular weekly curbside service if they prepare it in accordance with guidelines found on the Town website (see section on Curbside Yard Waste Collection). This option is available to residents immediately. 

Since Friday’s storm, Public Works has supported emergency operations with signage placement and has focused on removing debris from roadways. The department also has prioritized removing potentially hazardous debris from the grounds around Town facilities and in Town parks. Public Works crews are scheduled to continue this work as well as gathering up debris from right of ways and streets for the remainder of this week. 

With the Town’s annual July 3rd Independence Day Celebration coming up, Public Works will have to turn its attention next week to preparing for that signature Town event. The department will have the capacity to turn its attention to the special yard debris collection after the Independence Day Celebration and the Town holiday on July 4.  

For more information, contact Garner Public Works at 919.772.7600 or at

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