Town Of Smithfield To Conduct Annual Free Chlorine Burnout

The Town of Smithfield Water Filtration Plant, in conjunction with the Water Distribution Department, will conduct a free chlorine burnout of the water distribution system. This annual conversion from chloramines to free chlorine is required in order to maintain a healthy distribution system.

The conversion to free chlorine will begin March 1st at 8:00 a.m. and end April 2nd. During this time customers may notice discoloration or a change in taste and smell of their water. Customers who experience this are advised to flush their plumbing fixtures and water lines throughout their homes thoroughly. If any water quality issues are experienced please be assured that the water is still safe and there is no need to boil water or take any other precautions during the free chlorine conversion.

For more information please contact the Smithfield Water Filtration Plant during regular business
hours at 919-934-2661.