Transporting Elderly Citizens To Get Vaccinated

JCATS and the Johnston County Public Health Department have organized a process to make appointments and provide free transportation for individuals to get vaccinated. This avoids them having to deal with long wait times at mass vaccination sites and, of course, helps those who don’t drive. 

People can call any of three agencies – Community and Senior Services, the Health Department, or JCATS – to request an appointment. The requests are vetted by the Health Department to ensure eligibility. Once a request is approved, any of the three agencies can enter the ride request directly into the JCATS scheduling software. JCATS schedules the ride and confirms the appointment with the rider. The whole process is paperless and minimizes manual data re-entry.

Executive Director Neal Davis commented, “Early response has been good. Everyone is very thankful and tell us they enjoyed the ride. Some passengers also tell us that they had not been out of the house since the beginning of COVID.”