Trio Stole More Than $13,000 In Merchandise From Walmart

CLEVELAND – Three people are accused of stealing over $13,000 in merchandise from Walmart at 5141 NC Highway 42 West in the Cleveland community. The thefts occurred between March 22 and April 2.

Two of the suspects are former employees at Walmart, 18 year-old Mia Nanette Alamia of the 1700 block of Boyette Road and a 17 year-old male juvenile. The third suspect is Alamia’s father, identified as Oscar Soto, 33, of the 1700 block of Boyette Road, Four Oaks.

On several occasions over multiple days, Walmart loss prevention reportedly observed the two employees leave the store without paying for merchandise and place the merchandise in a car. Soto reportedly was inside the store and allegedly assisted with the thefts.

Walmart reported $13,054.48 in items stolen during the scheme, including six iPhones, one Apple watch, two iPads, a trampoline, 7 fishing poles, two packs of Pampers, crock pot, ice maker, 12 volt toy Jeep, power washer, and a twin mattress.

Alamia was charged with felony larceny by an employee and given a $5,000 bond. Soto, her father, was charged with felony conspiracy and also given a $5,000 bond. The 17 year-old was charged on a juvenile petition.


  1. I can see our local law enforcement community and Wal-Mart Security and our D.A. needs to have some sensitivity trianing to prevent this kind of injustice from happening again. Folks, let me get you up to speed on this kind of former illegal activities. This is now what you call and I quote “Economic Reparation” and is being more acceptable in more and more of our social justice or woke Democrat States. Education doe’s not stop with the degree folks, you have to have that intellectual drive as some of these most faithful informative subscribers do of the JOCO Report in staying politically educated and up to date.

  2. Why is the bond less than they stole?? Theoretically, the mom could sell what they stole and pay their entire bond! Why so low?

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