Truck Driver Shot On I-40

A tractor trailer driver was shot while traveling on Interstate 40 through southern Johnston County.

Around 3:28pm, Kenneth Battle of Hollister, NC was operating a semi on I-40 near the 334 mile marker when a bullet fired from a high-powered rifle struck the door of his truck. Fragments from the bullet then struck Hollister in the face, breaking his jaw.  He was able to stop the truck alongside the interstate and call for help.

Johnston County deputies and NC state troopers responded.  Deputies said they located Colton Barefoot Kinsey, 24, of Noah Road, Benson target practicing in a field next to the interstate.

Kinsey was reportedly firing his rifle into a hay bale on his property, about 200 feet from the interstate.   One round reportedly went through the bale and struck Battle.

Deputies said Kinsey was still target practicing when they arrived, unaware he had allegedly shot the truck driver.

Kinsey was charged with felony assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury.

Scene photos by John Payne