Truitt Calls Biden’s Vaccine Mandate ‘Government Overreach’

By David Bass
Carolina Journal

North Carolina’s top elected school official is calling the Biden administration’s national vaccine mandate a clear example of government overreach.

In a statement released Thursday, Nov. 4, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Catherine Truitt said she encourages everyone to get the COVID-19 vaccine, but that mandating vaccination is a bridge too far.

“As a breast cancer survivor and an asthmatic, I would continue to encourage North Carolinians to get their vaccination to fight COVID-19,” said Truitt, a Republican. “I’ve repeatedly shared that we need students in the classroom learning in a face-to-face environment and the best way to maintain this is through vaccination.”

“However, the federal government’s decision to mandate vaccination is one of the clearest examples of government overreach and one of the purest attacks on personal choice,” Truitt added. “I’ve always maintained these decisions are best made by an individual or parents, and in tandem with a trusted health care provider.”

The mandate — which goes into effect Jan. 4 — applies to employers with more than 100 workers. All of North Carolina’s school districts meet that threshold. To comply, workers must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by the deadline or submit to weekly testing.

Employers who defy the order could face up to $14,000 in fines per employee, with the penalty increasing with further infractions.

Republican leaders in Kentucky, Ohio, and Tennessee have already filed a lawsuit against the mandate on constitutional grounds. Other states are expected to sue in short order.

“North Carolina’s public school system is already facing severe hardship and staffing challenges as a result of the pandemic, and a mandate such as this only has the potential to exacerbate these concerns,” Truitt said.


  1. All teachers should walk out in protest along with all other employees! Stand up for our personal liberties now or we will lose ALL out personal choices and liberties forever! If the government can mandate what you inject in your body for a “pandemic” then they will mandate other medical treatments and shots. There are over 200 shots in the wings waiting to be “approved” for injection in each of us. Please stand up for your rights and those of your neighbors.

  2. Let me make a prediction here of our local liberal progressive liberal politicians that are up for re-election on the school board as well as commissioners. We might just see liberals start acting like conservatives again before this next election, that would mean Mike Wooten, Todd Sutton, Al Byrd, Terri Session and Chairman Chad Stewarts rental tenant Tony-“WRAL”- Braswell start mouthing off and trying to make you Tax Payers and Parents feel as if they are advocating for your well being again? Just be on the watch folks and let’s see who will shoulder trough this small miserable crowd to show off their acting skills?

  3. Stop being a bunch of chickens and just get the dang shot.

    No one is going to take away your personal liberties. No one is going to take your guns. This isn’t the first step towards socialism, communism or any other ism.

    It is a public health issue.

    We just want everyone to be healthy and to get our economy back to where it was.

    Get it together people!

    • Wondering if people cried this much during polio or smallpox about a vaccine that has been proven to be safe and effective. Bunch of babies for sure, and for the record I’m not liberal person just a person who sees things for how they are lol.

  4. The United States Supreme Court ruled in 1904 that the government could force vaccination on the public. This is long established legal precedent that the head of education for the State should know. This shows her ignorance on history and the law. People need to know the history of this nation and the laws it is founded on before they speak.

    • The Jacobson case did NOT say the government could force vaccines. It said they could mandate and collect the fine Mr Jacobson was to pay for not getting the vax. Huge difference! SCOTUS upheld personal choice but also upheld the states right to collect a fine.

  5. Go research Vermont’s vax rate, covid cases and covid deaths. Now go check out the same items for Florida. What is your honest conclusion? Why are people still getting covid and dying when highly vaxxed? Why are there so many adverse reactions to a “safe and effective” vax? How can it be deemed safe and effective when it hasn’t been around for very long? Why the coercion for the vax? Why is congress receiving ivermectin when they get covid but we can’t? Open your eyes! Do you truly not see the reality of this government push for compliance?

    By all accounts of how the media portrays covid we should see people dropping dead in the street. The homeless population should be the most ill but they aren’t. The nursing homes should be empty from the narrative that this is so bad we are killing grandma by not getting a shot or wearing masks. Wake up!

  6. Get your vaccines, people. It is what will end the pandemic. Yes, vaccines should be mandated. They are safe. This is not about personal choice. It is about ending the pandemic so life can return to normal.

    Listen to the health experts who have spent their professional lives studying pandemics and protecting the health of the public. They have known all along how to end covid.

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